12 Festive Holiday Cocktails


Mixing festive holiday cocktails is one of my favorite ways to welcome our friends and family during the holiday season. Something about measuring, shaking and pouring just feels like love this time of year.

Over the years I’ve developed a playbook of bright, flavorful holiday cocktails that I make year after year. From bubbly drinks to boozy hot chocolate,  I love them all!

Here I’m sharing 12 of our most festive holiday cocktails. They’re perfect for serving at holiday parties and brunches from Christmas through the New Year and beyond.

  1. Cranberry Gimlet Recipe
    • Cranberry Gimlet Photo
    • This festive cranberry gimlet lends seasonal sweetness to the classic cocktail. It’s a perfect addition to your next holiday party!
  2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Recipe
    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Photo
    • Our Cinnamon Toast Crunch cocktail recipe is a delicious RumChata drink that tastes like your favorite cereal in an adult drink. Cheers!
  3. Cranberry Mule Recipe
    • Cranberry Mule Photo
    • This festive take on a classic Moscow Mule will become a new favorite holiday cocktail for years to come.
  4. Rosemary Yuzu Gin Fizz Recipe
    • Rosemary Yuzu Gin Fizz Photo
    • This wintery Rosemary Yuzu Gin Fizz is full of rosemary and citrus flavors. It smells woodsy and fresh and it tastes incredible.
  5. Pomegranate Old Fashioned Recipe
    • Pomegranate Old Fashioned Photo
    • This fruity Pomegranate Old Fashioned looks as pretty as it is delicious! We love it for Christmas and toasting the New Year.
  6. White Christmas Cocktail Recipe
    • White Christmas Cocktail Photo
    • Served in a fancy martini glass, this white Christmas cocktail looks as festive as it tastes!
  7. Horchata Margaritas Recipe
    • Horchata Margaritas Photo
    • Horchata margaritas are the perfect drink for celebrating the holidays! Cozy and creamy, you’ll love sipping them fireside.
  8. Winter Tequila Sunrise Recipe
    • Winter Tequila Sunrise Photo
    • Bursting with blood oranges, this show-stopping tequila sunrise is perfect all winter long.
  9. Raspberry Mango Bellini Recipe
    • Raspberry Mango Bellini Photo
    • We love this celebratory bellini recipe for toasting at dinner or serving at a holiday brunch. It’s bright and bubbly and delicious.
  10. Christmas Sangria Recipe
    • Christmas Sangria Photo
    • This easy Christmas sangria is a delightful cocktail everyone will love this holiday season – it’s bursting with Christmas flavors!
  11. Raspberry Russian Holiday Cocktail Recipe
    • Raspberry Russian Holiday Cocktail Photo
    • A fruity, colorful take on the classic, this variation of a White Russian will become a new holiday season favorite.
  12. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Smash Recipe
    • Cranberry Orange Bourbon Smash Photo
    • Cranberry, orange, rosemary and bourbon are muddled together in this festive, vibrant drink. You’ll want to serve it all winter long!

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