12 Greek Recipes That We Strongly Recommend


This is a very simple slideshow.

It doesn’t require any sort of explanation or major build-up.

Simply put, these are 12 of our favorite Greek recipes of all-time:

  1. Greek Gyros with Meatballs Recipe
    • Greek Gyros with Meatballs Photo
    • Fall is in the air. To me that means time for comfort food. Often times, comfort food gets the reputation of taking all day to make. That just isn’t true! Now, you can probably simmer a sauce for hours, but who has time for that? I am all about quick, easy, and still tasting great. …
  2. Greek Pasta Salad Recipe
    • Greek Pasta Salad Photo
    • This creamy Greek pasta salad is a mash-up of many dishes:  pasta salad, Greek salad, and creamy Italian dressing.  The pasta salad is amazing, but the dressing is really what gets me excited. The dressing tastes like the creamy Italian dressing at Olive Garden, but it’s better since you know exactly what is in it.  …
  3. Chopped Salad Recipe
    • Chopped Salad Photo
    • Have you ever had one of “those” mornings? You know the type I am talking about, right? The day starts where one of your kids misses the school bus and you can’t find your car keys. After finally getting them to school you stop to get a well- deserved cup of coffee and you lock …
  4. Gluten Free Pasta Salad Recipe
    • Gluten Free Pasta Salad Photo
    • Pasta salad used to be one of my go-to meals for a quick lunch, packed full of veggies and proteins. At least, up until I went gluten free – then I had to do things a bit differently. Lucky for most of us, we can now easily find good alternative store-bought gluten free pasta to …
  5. Greek Shrimp with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe
    • Greek Shrimp with Tzatziki Sauce Photo
    • When cooking quick easy dinners, shrimp has always been a good friend of mine. Last year when my kitchen was being redone, I managed to make a homemade meal using cooked shrimp – my shrimp salad sandwiches – without having a kitchen. Shrimp is fabulous with pasta and also works on top of a salad. Yes, I could eat shrimp several …
  6. Greek Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe
    • Greek Twice Baked Potatoes Photo
    • My husband. He tries so hard. And by that I mean, he tries REALLY hard to help me come up with ideas for new recipes. The problem is, he just isn’t very creative. And, to clarify, but “isn’t very creative” I mean he can’t even draw a proportionate stick figure. It’s actually really endearing. Until …
  7. Quinoa Greek Salad Recipe
    • Quinoa Greek Salad Photo
    • I love Mediterranean flavors. In fact, I learned how to love Greek salads with my husband – he is a Greek salad freak. No kidding! He could eat it seven days of the week and every time I feel a little lazy to cook something for us he says, “I’ll make a Greek salad!” – this is his ace …
  8. Greek Yogurt Chicken Recipe
    • Greek Yogurt Chicken Photo
    • I can practically feel each perfectly-roasted, lightly sweet tomato burst in my mouth as I munch my way from under the PILE of bright and fresh, zesty zucchini noodles. Zesty zucchini noodles that are topped with CREAMIEST, herb-packed Greek yogurt chicken that my mouth has ever tasted. It’s my idea of easy-peasy weeknight-friendly dinner food …
  9. Baked Falafel Recipe
    • Baked Falafel Photo
    • There’s nothing like crispy hot falafel coming out of the fryer. I can eat them all by themselves, but frying is work and not the healthiest. If you are looking for an alternative, these baked falafels are easy to make at home, better for you, and can be made ahead for those busy weeknights. Of …
  10. Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe
    • Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup Photo
    • Lemon chicken and rice soup (often called by it’s Greek name of “Avgolemono”), is a huge tradition here in metro Detroit. No trip to a coney island (what you might just call a diner elsewhere in the country, but a bit different) is complete without this thick but light flavored, comforting soup. The funny thing about …
  11. Greek Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans Recipe
    • Greek Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans Photo
    • This is a true story (oh how I wish I was just adding this blurb for suspense): My daughter Em has a ton of toys. We bought exactly none of them. That’s also roughly the same number of toys in the category “likes to play with for an extended amount of time”. Because why bother …
  12. Tiropita Recipe
    • Tiropita Photo
    • There are many things I love about summer, one of which is the local food festivals. One of my favorites to attend is the Greek Festival. Where I’m from, Greek Festivals are in abundance, so there is never a shortage of baklava and gyros! However, my favorite item to order is the tiropita, which are …

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