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13 Camp Recipes Perfect for Summer Adventures

Our annual family camping trip is coming up next month, which means I am already thinking about what camping recipes I’ll prep before we go.

(Depending when you’re reading this, it may not be too late to plan your end of school party! Don’t miss out.)

We have a handful of family favorites I make every year (like Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders for my boys), but I also like to switch it up and try new things.

If you’re planning for your own summer adventures, give our favorite camp recipes a try! Your family will love these tasty meals, snacks and treats.

Pretzel Dogs Photo
Pretzel Dogs Recipe
We love grilling hot dogs on a stick over the fire when camping, but this pretzel dog recipe is the ultimate camping recipe. They are easy to make for the perfect tasty snack or lunch – hot dogs wrapped in buttery, soft pretzel dough and sprinkled with coarse salt. Just don’t forget the ketchup and mustard!
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Buffalo Chicken Hash Photo
Buffalo Chicken Hash Recipe
My favorite camping recipes are the ones I can make in a cast iron skillet over a nice bed of coals leftover from the campfire the night before. A bed of sweet potatoes, grilled onions and red bell peppers are tossed with chicken sausage and eggs then sprinkled with cheese and scallions for the tastiest camp meal.
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Cajun Grilled Cod Photo
Cajun Grilled Cod Recipe
If you’ve never made fish in foil packets on the grill, here’s your sign to do so right away. Our Cajun grilled cod makes a sweet, spicy summer dinner that everyone will rave over. Plus clean up is also super simple – perfect for when you’re camping! Cooking cod in foil packets really seals in the moisture leaving you with juicy, flaky fish that might just become your new favorite.
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Pizza Quesadilla Photo
Pizza Quesadilla Recipe
Quesadillas are so simple to make that you can make them virtually anywhere, perfect for snacking or any meal of the day. These pizza quesadillas are particularly tasty and so fun for your next camping adventure. They’re stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella and served with marinara on the side for dipping.
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Green Chile Egg Taquitos Photo
Green Chile Egg Taquitos Recipe
These green chile egg taquitos make the perfect breakfast while camping. As camping recipes go, this one is an ace. You can make them in advance, freeze them and tuck them in a freezer bag in the cooler then just pull them out and warm them up on the grill for the quickest, tastiest camp breakfast of your life.
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S'mores Brownies Photo
S’mores Brownies Recipe
These s’mores brownies are the best dessert to make while camping! A thick layer of gooey brownies topped with marshmallows and graham crackers are piled into a skillet and baked over the grill or the campfire. These s’mores brownies scream summer and you’ll be the hit of the campground.
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Toaster Oven Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Photo
Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Recipe
I’m a fan of any kind of grilled cheese sandwich, if I’m honest, but this jalapeño popper grilled cheese takes things to a whole new level. It’s savory, spicy, creamy and crunchy (yes, crunchy) with the addition of thinly sliced fresh jalapeños, cream cheese and corn flakes. I know, I know. It sounds a little wild, but this one is amazing. And, bonus points for being able to make it on the grill!
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Grilled Cilantro Lime Beef Skewers with Jalapeño Avocado Dipping Sauce Photo
Grilled Cilantro Lime Beef Skewers Recipe
Grilled skewers are a camping essential. So easy to prep, bursting with flavor and guaranteed to be a total hit with your crew of campers. The tangy fresh flavor of the rich, cilantro lime marinated beef paired with the cool, jalapeño avocado dipping sauce is a summery combination no one can resist.
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Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Photo
Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Recipe
These easy to make, pesto chicken pull apart sliders are the perfect quick and easy dinner and the leftovers will make a great lunch or snack the next day! While this isn’t your typical camping recipe, we’ve had such luck making sliders in an aluminum pan over the charcoal grill in the past that we never plan a camping trip without sliders involved.
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Almond Joy Energy Balls Photo
Almond Joy Energy Balls Recipe
We never go on a camping trip where I haven’t first made a batch of energy balls to bring along in the cooler to grab for a quick mid-day snack or a simple breakfast along with a cup of coffee. Dates, almonds, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips are pulsed in the food processor then formed into balls for one of the easiest and tastiest camping recipes you’ll ever make.
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Easy Chicken Fajitas Photo
Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe
When you think about camp cooking, fajitas might not immediately come to mind, but this easy chicken fajitas recipe is the perfect camp food. Cut the veggies and chicken up and toss them with seasoning to bring along to camp with you, then cook them over the fire in a cast iron skillet, stuff everything into soft flour tortillas and you’ve got dinner gold.
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Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Photo
Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Recipe
Making nachos while camping is so much easier than you might imagine! Adapt this sheet pan chicken nachos recipe to an aluminum pan over the grill or the campfire and you’ve got one seriously delicious campground dinner. Crispy chips, juicy chicken, melted cheddar cheese, all topped with sour cream, green onions, black olives, tomatoes and cilantro.
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Easy Cheeseburger Skillet Photo
Easy Cheeseburger Skillet Recipe
Our easy cheeseburger skillet is a total winner of a meal. It’s easy to prepare, delicious to eat, simple to clean up – even when camping! It starts with round beef, onions and seasoning. Add orzo and beef broth then finish it off with mustard, tomatoes, pickles, and of course cheese! It’s easy to make over a fire and your campers will give it two thumbs up.
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