13 Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Hola Fiesta!


We can’t wait for Cinco de Mayo each year. Granted, we tend to eat tacos, enchiladas, and every kind of salsa under the sun no matter what day it is. But there’s just something about taking a special day to celebrate a culture and its cuisine that really puts the fiesta feeling into you.

Every good fiesta starts with plenty of chips with salsa, and drinks to get the party mood rolling. Of course, you can have a delicious Cinco de Mayo without the margaritas too, thanks to our bevy of recipes that will definitely get your party known as the event of the month.

We know Memorial Day is considered the start of summer, so let’s call Cinco de Mayo the start of entertaining season. The party won’t stop ’till you walk in … with a big plate of enchiladas.

Check out the slideshow for our favorite 13 recipes for Cinco de Mayo!

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