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13 Easy Recipes Perfect for Spring Picnics

When you live in an area where the winters are long, cold and dark like I do, there’s a special magic that accompanies the arrival of spring. It’s exhilarating! 

The birds make their way home, the days grow longer, the sun shows its shining face more often and, truly, everything feels more exciting, more alive.

In celebration of spring, I have always loved a good picnic in the backyard or at a local park, and these easy recipes are perfect for spring picnics.

Prep everything in advance, pack it up in a basket and head out for fun afternoon of food, sunshine and laughter.

Zucchini and Hummus Pita Sandwiches Photo
Zucchini and Hummus Pita Sandwiches Recipe
These zucchini and hummus pita sandwiches are a personal favorite of mine and they are perfect for packing along for a picnic. (They also make a delicious and easy weeknight dinner!) They’re loaded with herbs, roasted zucchini, red bell pepper, and onion piled atop warm pita bread smothered in hummus. A few handfuls of fresh spinach, a sprinkle of salty feta and you’re good to go.
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Paleo Blackened Shrimp Lettuce Wraps Photo
Blackened Shrimp Lettuce Wraps with Mango Salsa Recipe
These simple blackened shrimp lettuce wraps are unimaginably good! Topped with a fresh mango salsa, they’re loaded with flavor, crunch and the ideal balance of sweet and spicy. All of the components are simple to prep and keep well in the fridge so its easy to make things in advance and then package everything up to head to the park for your picnic.
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Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs Photo
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs Recipe
Let’s be clear about one thing. I am a huge, huge fan of deviled eggs. From classic deviled eggs topped with the classic sprinkle of paprika to more complex flavor combinations, I love all the deviled eggs. These smoked salmon deviled eggs are no exception! They come together in just minutes and they’re full of smoked salmon, dill, capers and horseradish with great flavor and texture.
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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars Photo
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars Recipe
No picnic is complete without a dessert or two and these oatmeal chocolate chip cheesecake bars get my vote! Super simple to throw together and sure to be a huge hit for just about any occasion, the oatmeal cookie crust is slightly crisp, but also a bit chewy making it the perfect match for the cheesecake. They’re deceptively simple to make and easily sliced and packed for a picnic.
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Black Bean Couscous Salad Photo
Black Bean Couscous Salad Recipe
A fresh salad is a must for any picnic, and our black bean couscous salad recipe is a fantastic pick. When it comes to quick and easy salad recipes, couscous is the one ingredient that cannot be beat. This simple salad is packed full of red onion, bell pepper, and black beans, and the best part? This couscous salad travels easily and stores well in the fridge.
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Everything Avocado Turkey Bagel Sandwiches Photo
Everything Avocado Turkey Bagel Sandwiches Recipe
Our everything avocado turkey bagel sandwiches are delicious, filling and a perfect addition to your picnic spread. Flavorful everything bagels are piled high with meat, avocado, roasted tomatoes, and a chipotle cream cheese that brings a bit of spice that is delightful. Wrap each one in a bit of parchment with kitchen twine for tucking into your picnic basket.
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Taco Pasta Salad Photo
Taco Pasta Salad Recipe
Is a picnic even a picnic without pasta salad in the spread? Our taco pasta salad recipe checks the box in delicious fashion! This unique pasta salad is made with a creamy salsa dressing, tossed with your favorite taco toppings like tomatoes, black olives, avocado, and corn. You can mix and match the ingredients depending on what you have on hand to suit your palate.
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BBQ Chicken Summer Rolls Photo
BBQ Chicken Summer Rolls Recipe
Bursting with tender, crispy peppers, charred corn, zesty lime and sweet pineapple, our BBQ chicken summer rolls are fiercely good. Use a rotisserie chicken to keep your prep minimal, but don’t skip the homemade barbecue sauce! Made with pineapple juice, tons of fresh garlic and sriracha, this unique flavor-packed barbecue sauce is worth the effort.
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Almond Joy Energy Balls Photo
Almond Joy Energy Balls Recipe
When we have the time to get away for a sweet little picnic, I love making some kind of energy ball recipe for snacking on before or after we eat. These Almond Joy energy balls have been my favorite lately! They take about five minutes to whip up and keep for quite a while in the fridge. They’re the perfect little bite-sized snack and they taste just like an Almond Joy bar.
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Broiled Eggplant Sandwich Photo
Broiled Eggplant Sandwich Recipe
This broiled eggplant sandwich is packed full of flavorful vegetables and smothered with a lemony avocado mash. Perfect for lunch or dinner, it’s incredibly satisfying, which is why it’s a great pick for your next picnic spread. Imagine buttery broiled eggplant slices sandwiched between toasted bread and slathered with a tangy mash of avocado, lemon and feta. Absolutely delicious!
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Lemon Cookies Photo
Lemon Cookies Recipe
These lemon cookies are soft and chewy and absolutely delicious. A quick toss in powdered sugar before baking results in amazing crinkle cookies everyone will love! They’re easy to make, mix up in just minutes and the lemon flavor truly shines through thanks to the fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. If you’re looking for a cookie that tastes like spring, look no further.
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Banana Pudding Poke Cake Photo
Banana Pudding Poke Cake Recipe
During the spring and summer months, banana pudding makes a perfect light, sweet treat after lunch or dinner, and this banana pudding poke cake recipe plays to those same flavors and textures. Fluffy vanilla sheet cake and banana pudding meet in this sensational dessert topped with whipped cream, vanilla wafers and tons of sliced bananas.
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Green Jello Salad Photo
Green Jello Salad Recipe
Not living in a region where Jello salads are ubiquitous with picnics and potlucks, I haven’t had too many in my lifetime. That said, our green Jello salad recipe is a total favorite! It’s made with pineapple and cream cheese and tastes like your childhood memories. This classic side dish is a beautiful addition to any picnic or party and only takes minutes to prepare!
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