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13 Perfect Picnic Recipes

There are certain items one simply NEEDS in order to have a successful picnic.

No, we’re not talking about a bottle of wine actually. Although some may have that on their requirement list.

We’re talking about various kinds of coleslaw or salads, light meals that are easy to pack and then easy to unpack on your blanket.

With that in mind, consider the following recipes prior to planning your future picnics:

Broccoli Slaw Photo
Broccoli Slaw Recipe
Broccoli slaw is a great side to fried chicken. Pack a picnic and get outside to enjoy the day, and a hearty meal!
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Popeye's Chicken Photo
Popeye’s Chicken Recipe
Popeye’s Chicken is everyone’s favorite fried chicken. Only now you can make it at home with this copycat Popeye’s chicken recipe!
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Baked Strawberry Pie Photo
Baked Strawberry Pie Recipe
Baked Strawberry Pie is perfect for family gatherings and potlucks. You may want to make two!
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Coconut Poke Cake Photo
Coconut Poke Cake Recipe
Coconut Poke Cake will delight you with its flavors of coconut. Great for potlucks and sharing.
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Rocket Sandwich Photo
Rocket Sandwich Recipe
Rocket Sandwich is filled with prosciutto, arugula, and a bright and lively lemon pepper spread. Your picnic lunch just got really amazing!
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Fried Lemon Hand Pies Photo
Fried Lemon Hand Pies Recipe
Fried Lemon Hand Pies are the southern favorite everyone will devour. Simple, sweet, and a delight in each bite!
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Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Photo
Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Recipe
Red, White and Blue Ice Cream is a naturally gluten free dessert filled with the best berries of the season. Happy 4th!
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Sweet and Sour Coleslaw Photo
Sweet and Sour Coleslaw Recipe
Sweet and Sour Coleslaw really packs a punch. You’ll love the brightness cilantro brings too.
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KFC Coleslaw Recipe Photo
KFC Coleslaw Recipe
KFC Coleslaw Recipe uses fresh ingredients to make the perfect coleslaw. Takes only minutes!
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Healthy Coleslaw Photo
Healthy Coleslaw Recipe
Healthy Coleslaw gets its flavor from cabbage and kale. Plain Greek yogurt gives it a smooth creamy texture.
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Gluten Free Pulled Pork Green Chile Slaw Photo
Gluten Free Pulled Pork with Green Chile Slaw Recipe
Gluten Free Pulled Pork Green Chile Slaw is cooked slowly in gluten free hard cider. The guajillo peppers add the perfect smoky subtleness!
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Mexican Coleslaw Photo
Mexican Coleslaw Recipe
Mexican Coleslaw is filled with crunchy veggies and a tangy dressing you’ll love. The jalapeño adds just the right amount of…
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Farro Arugula Salad Photo
Farro Arugula Salad Recipe
Farro Arugula Salad takes some of your favorite seasonal produce and makes a fantastic dish. Perfect as a side or a delicious lunch.
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