13 Reasons to Never Purchase Snacks from a Store Ever Again


For the record, you can absolutely go into a supermarket this week and buy some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

You can also chow down on some Lay’s Potato Chips. We won’t judge. Heck, we’ll probably ask for a handful.

But the following recipes take these classic items and give you a chance to make them at home.

Scroll around below to see what sort of personal twists and tweaks you can make, while also taking pride in what you’ve created yourself, as opposed to merely purchased…

  1. Homemade Twix Bars Recipe
    • Homemade Twix Bars Photo
    • Grocery stores are an evil place to visit when you’re hungry. From the scent of bread baking in the bakery to the rows of convenience food, it’s never a good idea to grocery shop on an empty stomach. But, even knowing this, nine out of ten times I wander into the grocery store hungry. And …
  2. Homemade Bisquick Mix Recipe
    • Bisquick Mix Picture
    • I don’t like mornings. I don’t like being woken up earlier than my body would on its own and I never have; when I was born, the nurses in the hospital complained to my parents that I was too grumpy when they woke me up to feed me. Twenty-four years later, you’re still liable to …
  3. Homemade Chili’s Chicken Fajitas Recipe
    • Homemade Chili's Chicken Fajitas Photo
    • My family has been going out to eat at Chili’s ever since I can remember. In fact, I still remember how special it felt to go out for dinner when I was a kid. Never mind the fact that I almost always ordered the same thing. (You see, I’m a creature of habit, and I …
  4. Homemade Twinkie Poppers Recipe
    • Homemade Twinkie Poppers Photo
    • I’ll admit Twinkies will always have a place in my heart thanks to the powers of nostalgia and Saturday morning marketing. We didn’t always have a box in the cupboard, but we convinced my mom often enough that they were essential to childhood, and she complied on occasion. And I’m no stranger to Twinkies as a …
  5. Homemade Nestle Crunch Recipe
    • Homemade Nestle Crunch Photo
    • I’m a big fan of melting chocolate chips and adding stuff, because it’s easy to do and tastes awesome. Case in point, bacon chocolate pops. Candy bars fall into this category of melting chocolate chips and adding stuff. In the time it takes you to get to the store and back, you can make your own copycat Nestle …
  6. Homemade Doritos Recipe
    • Homemade Doritos Photo
    • Even though I blog about sweets—and when I blog about snacks they are sweet snacks — I still have my weaknesses for non-sweets. Like Doritos. Oh, Doritos. Why must you beckon me with the promise of orange-stained fingers. Your crunch. Just the right spice. And the glorious cheese. My 8-year-old and I are addicted. We walk by the bag …
  7. Homemade Lay’s Potato Chips Recipe
    • Homemade Lay’s Potato Chips Photo
    • These homemade potato chips–thin, crisp and salty–are just like store-bought potato chips. And they are made in the microwave. I know. I was pretty shocked, too. I ate about half of them before I even finished writing down the how-tos, because they are that good. But then, I’m a snack addict. Remember these homemade Doritos? My love of salty snacks …
  8. Homemade Panera Bread Valentine Cookies Recipe
    • Homemade Panera Bread Valentine Cookies Photo
    • This winter I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to Panera Bread. One recently opened in our town and I find myself there on a regular basis to have lunch with my children. One of my favorite orders is the garden vegetable pesto soup, tea, and a butter shortbread cookie for dessert. The cookies are a treat I only let myself …
  9. Homemade Chewy Granola Bars Recipe
    • Homemade Chewy Granola Bars Photo
    • My children are shamelessly addicted to those Quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars. It’s not enough that I put one in their lunch boxes. For my three-year-old, it’s her go-to every time she has even a hint of hunger. And only the chewy chocolate chip bars. Not the chocolate coated, not the peanut butter, not even …
  10. Homemade Kraft Easy Mac Recipe
    • Homemade Kraft Easy Mac Photo
    • Mac and cheese is perhaps my number one desert-island food. Mixed from a box, crafted from a roux, or served in the finest of restaurants, I’ll take it all. I make my own, to be sure, and add fancy ingredients like Gruyere and beer. (Really, I add beer to my mac and cheese, and it makes it …
  11. Homemade Bagel Bites Recipe
    • Homemade Bagel Bites Photo
    • Anyone remember this jingle? “Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evenin’, Pizza at suppertime! When pizza’s on a bagel, You can eat pizza anytime.” Flash back to the ‘90s, huh? When some genius (actually, two guys from Florida, apparently, according to wikipedia) decided to turn mini bagels into pizza and freeze them, thus revolutionizing after-school snacking. Maybe “revolutionizing” is …
  12. Homemade Nesquik Recipe
    • Nesquik Picture
    • If I had to put a taste to my childhood, I would have to say that it unquestionably tasted like Nesquik Chocolate Milk. And if I had one wish for mankind (and knew that I wouldn’t be judged for ranking chocolate milk as a basic human necessity), it would be that every child could have …
  13. Homemade Cheez-It Recipe
    • Whole Wheat Cheez Its
    • The wonderful thing about food is the nostalgic feelings just one bite can bring. No one understands that better than our own Casey Barber, who has written and entire cookbook devoted to the snacks we all grew up with: Classic Snacks Made from Scratch. From Combos to Doritos, to regional favorites like TastyKakes, Casey has cracked the …
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