13 Ways to Go Coconut Crazy


It seems to me that coconut is having a moment in the food world. Popping up all over the place, coconut has found new life thanks to the trends of coconut oil and coconut water. We still love the good old flaked and shredded coconut too. In fact, we could probably have a different dish every day with coconut, and not get tired of it!

If you feel the same way about coconut, grab our 13 best recipes and go coconut crazy!

  1. Coconut Muffins
    • Blueberry Coconut Muffins Photo
    • Start the day off with a heaping helping of coconut! Spread these with coconut butter for even more tropical taste.
  2. Quinoa Granola
    • Quinoa Granola Picture
    • Try something new for breakfast and make this quinoa granola, studded with sweet coconut.
  3. Coconut Curry Lentil Soup
    • Coconut Curry Lentil Soup Photo
    • We love the depth of flavor coconut provides to savory dishes, like this lovely lentil soup.
  4. Coconut Truffles
    • Coconut Truffles Photo
    • Talk about coconut crazy! These loaded bites are the coconut bomb-dot-com.
  5. Coconut Balls
    • Coconut Balls Photo
    • No bake cookies are ideal for a hot day. No oven, no problem!
  6. Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Cookies
    • Coconut Grapefruit Sugar Cookies Photo
    • Who knew coconut and grapefruit were such a perfect pair? Just try to keep your hands off these cookies.
  7. Dairy Free Mocha Frappe
    • Dairy Free Coconut Mocha Frappe Picture
    • Coconut milk blends up the creamiest, dreamiest frappe you’ll have all summer.
  8. Baked Samoa Donuts
    • Baked Samoa Donuts Photo
    • Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? These baked donuts let you enjoy coconutty Samoa flavor all year long.

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