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15 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes to Make for Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I bet you haven’t gotten Mom anything yet, have you?! This is just like you to wait until the last minute. 

The good news is – Mom loves homemade gifts. So, why not make her one of these amazing recipes?! (Yes, food absolutely counts.)

With these Mother’s Day brunch recipes you will confidently look like you actually had it together this year. Good job!

Now, get to cooking one of these amazing dishes and remind Mom why she did not leave you at a rest stop when you would not stop screaming for no reason on that one family road trip. (I kid, I kid.)

In all seriousness, to all of you mothers out there, I hope you are showered with gifts of love and adoration. Enjoy your day – you deserve it!

Nutella Pop Tarts Photo
Nutella Pop Tarts Recipe
These homemade Nutella Pop Tarts are like eating pie for breakfast. And who can argue with that? Especially for Mom on Mother’s Day! There’s absolutely no chance of these making it from my house to my mom’s house without me scarfing them all down. I suggest making two batches. I mean, it’s homemade Nutella stuffed pop-tarts with more Nutella ganache on top! Get out!
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Toaster Oven Egg Bake Photo
Toaster Oven Egg Bake Recipe
Can you crack an egg? Can you mix a few ingredients together and pour the contents into a baking pan? Congratulations, you can make this egg bake recipe without so much as breaking a sweat. The cottage cheese folded into whipped eggs makes this dish so decadent with a little bit of spice. A creamy and cheesy dish that fits in perfectly at brunch, right next to the mimosas!
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Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Photo
Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe
Don’t miss the opportunity to wow Mom with this simple, yet amazing cream cheese bundt cake. If you did everything right, you should have a soft but dense cake and you will not believe how easy it was to make. I like to whip up a little vanilla glaze for the top, but you seriously do not even need it – the cake itself can stand alone, it’s that good!
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Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel Photo
Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel Recipe
Smoked salmon and cream cheese go together like milk and honey, peanut butter and jelly, and Noah & Ally. This is a no-fail Mother’s Day brunch recipe that Mom can build to her own tastes. When topping your bagel, there are no rules. Do it up, Momma! It’s your day!
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Gluten Free Mocha Muffins Photo
Gluten Free Mocha Muffins Recipe
With a good portion of people watching their gluten intake these days, it’s nice to know there are talented bakers out there creating recipes like these amazing gluten free mocha muffins. Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you don’t like to indulge, am I right?! This simple, chocolate-based muffin recipe is infused with coffee for a simple addition to Mother’s Day brunch that works equally as well as a make ahead breakfast.
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Peach Fritters with Maple Glaze Photo
Peach Fritters with Maple Glaze Recipe
Get out of the way, apples! There’s a new fritter in town, and it goes by Peach. Seriously, these things are absolutely ahhhmazing! Soft, melt in your mouth peach fritters with maple glaze make the best fritter you’ll ever have. I’m not baker, but I do like eating baked goods and I hope these are on my plate for Father’s Day. Not stealing your thunder, Moms. I’m just jealous. #TeamPeach!
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Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake Photo
Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake Recipe
If your mom likes a cake that’s a little crumbier, then double down on this walnut and cranberry coffee cake. Cranberries aren’t just for the winter holiday season! This coffee cake can and should be enjoyed year-round and it makes a lovely addition to your Mother’s Day brunch menu. It’s sweet and slightly tart with a nice crunch from the walnuts. Yum!
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Blueberry Breakfast Cake Photo
Blueberry Breakfast Cake Recipe
What two words in the English language are better than “breakfast cake”? Guess what? They don’t exist! I’ve checked. Even better, this cake has everyone’s favorite antioxidant, blueberries! You’re certain to become Mom’s favorite kid when you give her a slice of this deliciousness. While one of our favorite Mother’s Day brunch recipe, I promise you this breakfast cake is at home with a cup of coffee any day of the week.
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Broccoli Cheddar Zoodle Bake Photo
Broccoli Cheddar Zoodle Bake Recipe
This wildly flavorful broccoli cheddar zoodle bake uses a spiralizer to make noodles from zucchini. Throw in a bunch of other vegetables, Greek yogurt and a big fistful of cheese and you have a hearty, savory breakfast bake that makes a great addition to Mother’s Day brunch. This simple veggie-packed dish pairs perfectly with all the other pastries and coffee cake you might be serving up.
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Lemon Zucchini Bread Photo
Lemon Zucchini Bread Recipe
This light and not-so-sweet lemon zucchini bread is topped with a lemony glaze that is insanely tasty. This easy quick bread recipe is on my list of must-make Mother’s Day brunch recipes. This bread is flavorful and moist – and addicting! Did I mention that the added lemon icing is to die for? It takes this simple loaf of bread to the next level. Your mom is going to be so proud!
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Easy Migas Photo
Easy Migas Recipe
“Alexa, what are migas?!” Admittedly, not everyone has tried or even heard of migas before. In short – migas are a Tex-Mex breakfast specialty that is basically soft and cheesy scrambled eggs loaded up with peppers, onion, and fried tortillas. Often topped with refried beans, salsa or sour cream, this is the unexpected addition to your Mother’s Day brunch menu that your mom is going to seriously love.
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Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles Photo
Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles Recipe
Chocolate and cherries?! C’mon! I can’t even begin to tell you how good these are. These cherry chocolate chip waffles are super simple to make, so make extra because they won’t last. Crispy, sweet, tangy, and delicious, this is one of those Mother’s Day brunch recipes you’ll want to make again and again on any given weekend. Between the fresh cherries and the chocolate, the house will smell incredible, too!
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Gluten Free Banana Bread French Toast Photo
Gluten Free Banana Bread French Toast Recipe
Can we even properly talk about Mother’s Day brunch recipes without talking about French toast?! Granted, this French toast recipe does require making the banana bread in advance, but your hard work will pay off. The denseness of the bread yields some of the best French toast I’ve ever had. You should probably make two loaves. One for you and one for everyone else to share amongst themselves. Mom would want you to have it!
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Green Chile Egg Taquitos Photo
Green Chile Egg Taquitos Recipe
Not only are these tasty green chile egg taquitos a great add-on to your Mother’s Day brunch menu, but you can also easily make them ahead of time and freeze them. They are quick and easy to put together and make a great breakfast on those busy mornings before school, too! But served with a bunch yummy toppings like sour cream, salsa and cheese, they’re more than special enough for a celebratory brunch.
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Blueberry Chai Muffins Photo
Blueberry Chai Muffins Recipe
I love everything blueberry and these blueberry chai muffins are no different. I used frozen blueberries and they came out just as good as fresh making it easy to make these on a whim for Mom or any other day of the year. Particularly perfect for summer mornings with a cup of chai tea or coffee, your mom is going to be so proud of you for making these all by your little self! *pinches cheeks*
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