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15 Valentine’s Day Treats Perfect for Your Sweetheart

I’m not personally big on fancy, over the top Valentine’s Day dinners, date or expensive gifts to make the occasion – no matter how sweet and thoughtful. 

Growing up the day was a day where our mom bought us some sentimental little gift and surprised us with a sweet treat or candy of some kind. 

That’s now my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I truly just love making a fun dessert recipe and showing my family a little love.

These sweet Valentines Day treats are absolutely perfect for your sweetheart – whether that’s your partner, your kiddos or your best friend. 

Cabernet Chocolate Pudding Photo
Cabernet Chocolate Pudding Recipe
This delicious cabernet chocolate pudding is easy to make at home and such a special treat for Valentine’s Day. Serve it at your Galentine’s Day dinner party or surprise your sweetie with this decadent, rich dark chocolate pudding made spiked with cabernet wine. When it’s ready to serve it has a custard-like consistency – don’t forget the whipped cream, chocolate and berries on top.
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Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecakes Photo
Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecakes Recipe
These red velvet Oreo cheesecakes are the ultimate Valentine’s Day recipe – they’re so simple to make and a huge hit with kids. In fact, my little one loves helping me make these mini cheesecakes every year. An Oreo placed in the bottom of each cupcake liner makes the perfect crust for these tiny red velvet cheesecakes. You might want to make a double batch!
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No Churn Roasted Berry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Photo
No Churn Roasted Berry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe
Winter aside, homemade ice cream is forever and always going to be the way to my heart. This no churn roasted berry vanilla bean ice cream recipe is a total home run. There’s no special equipment needed to make the ice cream itself and the berry sauce is wildly delicious. It’s also delicious spooned over pancakes or spread on buttery homemade biscuits.
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Red Velvet Sheet Cake Photo
Red Velvet Sheet Cake Recipe
Everyone loves red velvet cake and, well, red velvet everything else on Valentine’s Day. This red velvet sheet cake is a super simple yet fun cake that’s perfect for making a group of friends or coworkers on Valentine’s Day. It’s a foolproof recipe for fluffy, moist red velvet sheet cake with a velvety cream cheese frosting you will absolutely love.
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Strawberry Dream Cookies Photo
Strawberry Dream Cookies Recipe
These strawberry dream cookies are exactly that – a dream! With a delectable frosting and all the sprinkles you could handle, they’re the definition of Valentine’s Day perfection. I love that they’re so easy to make thanks to the recipe being centered on a strawberry cake mix. They’re a fun treat to make for your sweetheart or for your little sweetheart to share with their classmates.
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Homemade Strawberry Cordials Photo
Homemade Strawberry Cordials Recipe
Is Valentine’s Day even Valentine’s Day without the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat? Chocolate covered strawberries! Our homemade strawberry cordials recipe levels the classic up a notch with the addition of a creamy coating before they’re dunked in chocolate. Arrange them on a pretty tray or tuck them into a sweet little box for gifting and you’ve got Valentine’s Day covered.
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Cake Pop Brownies Photo
Cake Pop Brownies Recipe
One part cake and one part brownie, our cake pop brownies recipe is so festive and fun for Valentine’s Day! You can use homemade brownies made entirely from scratch or simplify things by using your favorite box brownie mix. These fudgy brownies topped with a thick layer of cake pop and a thin, crunchy layer of chocolate coating are truly impressive and crazy delicious!
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Gooey Butter Cookies Photo
Gooey Butter Cookies Recipe
Sometimes a simple melt-in-your-mouth cookie makes the best dessert of all – as is the case with our gooey butter cookies recipe! These cookies are soft, cake-like and just plain delicious. These cookies, like gooey butter cake, are make with box cake mix making it so simple to switch up the flavors as you see fit. This recipe works beautifully with lemon cake mix and Devil’s Food cake mix.
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No Bake Nutella Cheesecake Photo
No Bake Nutella Cheesecake Recipe
This dreamy, no-bake Nutella cheesecake is a silky-smooth no-bake cheesecake filling loaded with creamy Nutella hazelnut spread and topped with crushed Ferrero Rocher candies and a chocolate whipped cream. In short, it’s like a love letter wrapped up to look like dessert, making it the very best Valentine’s Day treat of all to make for your sweetheart this year.
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Chocolate Strawberry Milkshakes Photo
Chocolate Strawberry Milkshakes Recipe
Chocolate and strawberry paired together make one of my very favorite flavor combinations so clearly I am a huge fan of this chocolate strawberry milkshake recipe. This sweet Valentine’s Day treat can be made in under five minutes so there’s no need for baking or extensive prep work. Whether you’re pressed for time or just love milkshakes, give these a try.
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Red Velvet Mississippi Mud Cake Photo
Red Velvet Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe
Our red velvet Mississippi mud cake recipe is ooey, gooey and sensational! This cake is one of the best cakes I have made in some time. It’s chocolatey and moist, with a gooey marshmallow topping. The red color is perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is a nice bonus. Fair warning! The kids will go absolutely crazy for this mud cake so you’ll be making it again and again.
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Chocolate Sugar Cookie Pops Photo
Chocolate Sugar Cookie Pops Recipe
Another Valentine’s Day treat perfect for kids or for sharing with classmates, our chocolate sugar cookie pops are too cute! The cookies themselves are not very sweet, so they pair best with buttercream frosting for the perfect balance. Cut the cookies into hearts, stick them on lollipop sticks from the craft store and then add swirls of colorful frosting and you’ve officially made a little magic.
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Chocolate Cherry Truffles Photo
Chocolate Cherry Truffles Recipe
Tell the box of old school chocolate cherry cordials to move over and make these homemade chocolate cherry truffles instead! They have an incredibly rich chocolate brownie base studded with sweet cherries. Dipped in chocolate and dusted with festive sprinkles and you officially have an easy, decadent Valentine’s Day treat that’s as simple as simple comes.
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Red Velvet Thumbprint Cookies Photo
Red Velvet Thumbnail Cookies Recipe
One more red velvet recipe for the win, don’t pass up our red velvet thumbnail cookies recipe! Soft red velvet thumbprint cookies are filled with a velvety cream cheese icing making these celebratory cookies a perfect little twist on a favorite classic cookie.
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Strawberry Pie Bars Photo
Strawberry Pie Bars Recipe
If you think that pie bars are just for summer think again! I love making our strawberry pie bars recipe for Valentine’s Day as a special sweet treat. The buttery crust is topped with a sweet strawberry pie filling followed by big swirls of whipped cream. These pie bars are as easy to make as they are delicious to eat so be sure to give them a try.
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