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16 Kinds of Tarts That Really Hit the Spot

When you were a kid, what was better than a pack full of Sweet Tarts?

Not much, right?

Now that you’re older, however, there are many different kinds of tarts you can whip up in the kitchen, a handful of which we’ve shared below.

Which of these tart recipes do you like best?

Apple Rose Tart Photo
Apple Rose Tart Recipe
Apple Rose Tart will be the most lovely addition to your dessert holiday table. Everyone will adore this!
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Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tart Picture
Goat Cheese Asparagus Tart Recipe
This asparagus tart relies on a goat cheese filling and is the ideal springtime snack!
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Chocolate Strawberry Tart Photo
Chocolate Strawberry Tart Recipe
This decadent Chocolate Strawberry Tart will have you wanting dessert first. We say life is short – go for it!
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Cookie Dough Pop Tarts Photo
Cookie Dough Pop Tarts Recipe
Cookie Dough Pop Tarts are a homemade version of your childhood favorite. Make your breakfast happy!
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Asparagus Tart with Bacon Photo
Asparagus Tart with Bacon Recipe
Asparagus Tart with Bacon combines the sweetness of asparagus with salty bacon. Eat fresh out of the oven.
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Strawberry Tartlets Photo
Strawberry Tartlets Recipe
Strawberry Tartlets uses the fresh strawberries of the season and bakes them into tartlets everyone will love. Delightful.
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Peanut Butter Banana Pudding Tart Photo
Peanut Butter Banana Pudding Tart Recipe
Peanut Butter Banana Pudding Tart will make the peanut butter and banana lover in your house truly happy. Decadent, creamy, and totally…
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Roasted Berry Breakfast Tarts Photo
Roasted Berry Breakfast Tarts Recipe
Roasted Berry Breakfast Tarts are a delightful sweet treat for your morning. All ready in less than 30 minutes.
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Toasted Coconut Cream Tarts Photo
Toasted Coconut Cream Tarts Recipe
Toasted Coconut Cream Tarts are wonderful and light and a perfect end to a meal. Just the right amount of sweetness.
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Nutella Pop Tarts Photo
Nutella Pop Tarts Recipe
Nutella Pop Tarts are like eating pie for breakfast. And who can argue with that?
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Paleo Chocolate Pecan Tart Photo
Paleo Chocolate Pecan Tart Recipe
Paleo Chocolate Pecan Tart is the rich and delicious dessert you won’t forget anytime soon. Heaven in every bite.
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Vegan Chocolate Tarts with Pistachios Photo
Vegan Chocolate Tarts with Pistachios Recipe
Vegan Chocolate Tarts with Pistachios is just the right dessert for Christmas. Easy and delicious.
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Pop Tart Cupcakes Photo
Pop Tart Cupcakes Recipe
Pop Tart Cupcakes have strawberry jam, sprinkles, and pop tarts in the frosting. Nothing could be better!
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Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop Tarts Photo
Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop Tarts Recipe
Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop Tarts are a quick homemade version that’ll take you back to your childhood.
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Tomato Fennel Tart Photo
Tomato Fennel Tart Recipe
Tomato Fennel Tart is a rustic tart that’s delicious and not fussy. Topped with beautiful red tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.
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Berry Pop Tarts Photo
Berry Pop Tarts Recipe
Berry Pop Tarts are a homemade version of everyone’s favorite toaster pastry. And a million times better!
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