17 Healthy Recipes for Your Lifestyle


Eating healthy can be a chore. A chore because finding healthy ingredients are often hard to locate when you’re hungry, or because frankly, fast food sounds better. But whether you’re crunched for time, can’t budget in organic kale, or don’t know how to make some of your favorite dishes nutritious, we have the recipes for you.

The best part? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a huge lifestyle change. It can simply consist of simple swaps to make some of your family-favorite dishes a little healthier, or to help shave off unnecessary calories when you can. And eating healthy certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor – all of our recipes in this collection are bursting with unbelievable texture and flavor that you’d never guess came from some better nutritious ingredients.

And our Food Fanatic team has some genius recipes that’ll definitely satisfy even your most indulgent cravings, like pasta made with apple noodles to breakfast cookies (you read that correctly!) to creamy risotto and even chocolaty tiramisu! You’ll love every one of these made-over recipes most importantly for their flavor, but also for the ease of preparation and simple ingredient swaps.

So without further adieu, let’s get makeovers!

  1. Healthy Brownies
  2. Healthy Potato Salad
    • Healthy Potato Salad Photo
    • You won’t miss the fat in this classic side dish, because it’s loaded with flavor!
  3. Frozen Banana Ice Cream
    • Frozen Banana Ice Cream
    • This frosty treat is made with just 2 simple ingredients that I guarantee you have in your pantry right now!
  4. Tiramisu
    • Tiramisu Photo
    • Individual servings of this Italian favorite help keep portion control in check.
  5. Healthy Banana Bread
    • Easy Banana Bread Photo
    • Banana bread is no longer off-limits with these simple ingredient swaps. Score!
  6. Detox Soup
    • Detox Soup Photo
    • Looking for a light and refreshing soup? This Detox Soup is it!
  7. Oatmeal Smoothie
    • Oatmeal Smoothie Photo
    • Oatmeal or smoothies? Why not both! This protein-packed smoothie is the perfect breakfast.
  8. Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies Photo
    • Whole wheat flour and flax seed help give this classic cookie a nutritional boost.
  9. Farro Risotto
    • Mushroom Farro Photo
    • Farro is the unique swap for traditional Arborio rice in this delectable dish.
  10. Chicken Quinoa Salad
    • Chicken Quinoa Salad Photo
    • The hint of maple in this light and refreshing salad adds just the right touch of sweetness.
  11. Cauliflower Tater Tot Casserole
    • Cauliflower Tater Tot Casserole Photo
    • ‘Casserole’ and ‘healthy’ didn’t normally go hand in hand… until now.
  12. Apple Pie Breakfast Cookies
    • Apple Pie Breakfast Cookies Photo
    • Cookies for breakfast? You bet! This recipe makes these cookies the perfect meal.
  13. Low Carb Lasagna
    • Low Carb Lasagna Photo
    • Zucchini replaces the noodles in this ooey gooey casserole dish.
  14. Moroccan-Style Pork with Apple Noodles
    • Moroccan-Style Pork with Apple Noodles Photo
    • Apple noodles are the best new way to satisfy a pasta craving without all the calories and fat.
  15. Healthy Coleslaw
    • Healthy Coleslaw Photo
    • The perfect side dish or burger garnish just got made over with Greek yogurt for a creamy taste you’ll love.

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