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17 Irresistible Christmas Brunch Recipes

Thinking about our Christmas brunch menu every year is something that brings me great joy. Or really, planning for any family holiday meal! It’s something that is just so fun for me.

While many years we do Christmas dinner with all of the requisite Christmas dinner sides or even a big spread of easy Christmas appetizers, Christmas brunch has a special place in my heart.

Here I’m sharing 17 of our most irresistible Christmas brunch recipes! From the savory to the sweet, your Christmas brunch menu is officially complete.

Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake Photo
Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake Recipe
This cranberry walnut coffee cake is a perfect breakfast treat for the holiday season. Christmas morning never tasted so good!
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Cheesy Avocado Egg in a Hole Photo
Cheesy Avocado Egg in a Hole Recipe
With ham, cheese, avocado, and a perfectly runny egg, all you need is a mug of coffee to start your Christmas morning right.
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Apple Cinnamon Rolls Photo
Apple Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
Cinnamon and caramel drenched apples are nestled within the fluffiest cinnamon roll you’ve ever had – the perfect cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.
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Glazed Cranberry Orange Scones Photo
Glazed Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe
These glazed cranberry orange scones are soft and buttery and bursting with flavor in every bite. The whole family will love them!
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Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Pastries Photo
Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Pastries Recipe
Homemade avocado cream cheese combined with smoked salmon, fresh herbs, and capers makes for the ideal appetizer any time of day whether for brunch or for dinner.
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Christmas Morning Casserole Photo
Christmas Morning Casserole Recipe
This easy, savory breakfast casserole is loaded with cheese and onions for a simple, flavorful brunch recipe you’ll make year after year.
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Maple Bacon Donuts Photo
Maple Bacon Donuts Recipe
Our maple bacon donuts are sweet, salty, and probably the best breakfast pastry you can have. Give these a try!
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Croque Monsieur Rolls Photo
Croque Monsieur Rolls Recipe
Croque monsieur rolls are full of ham and cheese goodness rolled in a homemade dough that is totally worth the effort!
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Gluten Free Banana Bread French Toast Photo
Gluten Free Banana Bread French Toast Recipe
Step up your banana bread game with this easy gluten free banana bread French toast! It’s kid-friendly, freezer-friendly, and can be made dairy free with one simple swap.
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Broccoli Cheddar Zoodle Bake Photo
Broccoli Cheddar Zoodle Bake Recipe
Cheesy eggs loaded with veggies add a burst of brightness to your Christmas brunch menu.
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Carrot Cake Instant Pot French Toast Photo
Carrot Cake Instant Pot French Toast Recipe
This recipe for carrot cake Instant Pot French toast gives you all the goodness of the overnight dish, in a fraction of the time. Hello, Christmas brunch!
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Peppermint Mocha Donuts Photo
Peppermint Mocha Donuts Recipe
Peppermint Mocha Donuts will be a joy to wake up to this holiday season. Great for breakfast or an afternoon sweet treat!
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Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Photo
Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe
Our favorite cream cheese bundt cake is dense, rich, and melts in your mouth. Don’t miss adding this one to your brunch spread!
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Green Chile Egg Taquitos Photo
Green Chile Egg Taquitos Recipe
These green chile egg taquitos are easy, savory and delicious – plus you an prep them ahead and tuck them in the freezer to make brunch even simpler!
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Cardamom Buns Photo
Cardamom Buns Recipe
Melt-in-your-mouth soft rolls infused with cardamom and a touch of cinnamon, these cardamom buns are the perfect way to relax with a cozy mug of tea or coffee on Christmas morning.
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Cranberry Orange Muffins Photo
Cranberry Orange Muffins Recipe
Tart, sweet, and perfect for a holiday brunch, these cranberry orange muffins will get swiped up before you know it.

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Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bread Photo
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Braid Recipe
Apple cinnamon breakfast bread boasts delicious, sweet apples wrapped in refrigerated cinnamon rolls. Drizzle with icing for total Christmas brunch perfection.
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