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27 Cherry Recipes to Pick From

Cherry picking is often a term that is used in a derogatory manner.

But we don’t know why. It’s delicious to pick from a variety of cherry recipes!

A versatile fruit that can be used for breakfast, dessert or anything in between, cherries are front and center in the following recipes.

Scroll around and give these a try today…

Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake Image
Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe
Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake combines classic luscious flavors into one dessert. Could cake get any better?
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Cherry Jam Photo
Cherry Jam Recipe
Cherry jam is classic for a reason. Simple, sweet, and delicious on everything from a toasted muffin to ice cream!
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Cherry Scones Picture
Cherry Scones Recipe
Cherry scones are a true summer treat. As breakfast or a tea time indulgence, you’ll love them!
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No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Photo
No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Recipe
No Bake Cherry Cheesecake that’s heavy on the chocolate. Desserts like these are what makes life worth living!
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Fresh Cherry Cola Floats Photo
Fresh Cherry Cola Floats Recipe
Fresh Cherry Cola Floats bring a childhood favorite dessert extra sophistication. The homemade cherry syrup makes enough for seconds.
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Cherry Greek Yogurt Parfaits Photo
Cherry Greek Yogurt Parfaits Recipe
Cherry Greek Yogurt Parfaits
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Roasted Cherry Toasts with Honey Nut Cream Cheese Photo
Roasted Cherry Toasts with Honey Nut Cream Cheese Recipe
Roasted Cherry Toasts with Honey Nut Cream Cheese brings together cream cheese and roasted cherries. A perfect start to your day.
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Cherry Pie Pancakes Photo
Cherry Pie Pancakes Recipe
Cherry Pie Pancakes will make your weekend breakfast amazing. Cherry pie filling supreme!
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Chocolate Cherry Bread Photo
Chocolate Cherry Bread Recipe
Chocolate Cherry Bread brings classic combination of cherries and chocolate and bakes them in a warm bread. Sweet and amazing.
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Homemade Cherry Marshmallows Photo
Homemade Cherry Marshmallows Recipe
Homemade cherry marshmallows everyone will adore. Sweetened with Maraschino cherry juice, they’re just lovely.
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Cherry Cream Pie in a Jar Photo
Cherry Cream Pie in a Jar Recipe
Cherry Cream Pie in a Jar is tart and creamy. Easy and beautiful.
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Chocolate Cherry Truffles Photo
Chocolate Cherry Truffles Recipe
Chocolate Cherry Truffles have an incredibly rich chocolate brownie base. Dipped in melted chocolate, you’ll be in Valentine heaven!
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Cherry Bundt Cake Photo
Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake Recipe
Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake is an exquisite cake all set to bring a smile to your weekend. Top with whipped cream.
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Duggar Family Recipes Photo
Duggar Family Cherry Vanilla Punch Recipe
Duggar Family Cherry Vanilla Punch is exactly what you need for a lot of thirsty people. Pull it together in no time at all!
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Cherry Blueberry French Toast Bake Photo
Cherry Blueberry French Toast Bake Recipe
Cherry Blueberry French Toast Bake will be a festive welcome to your morning this weekend. Totally colorful and delicious.
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Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes Photo
Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe
Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes have cheesecake both in the batter and frosting. You absolutely have to try them!
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Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes Photo
Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes Recipe
Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes combine three greats: cherries, vanilla, and bourbon. What could be better?
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Cherry Cream Crumb Cake Photo
Cherry Cream Crumb Cake Recipe
Cherry Cream Crumb Cake makes two loaves of this luscious treat. What a way to enjoy this season’s cherries!
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Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread Photo
Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread Recipe
Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread is made with sweet cherries and cream cheese. Now that’s something to make you smile!
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Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins Photo
Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe
Cherry Chocolate Chip Muffins have the sweetness of chocolate, the tartness of cherries, and a gorgeous topping. What could be better?
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Cherry Lime Rickey with Gin Photo
Cherry Lime Rickey with Gin Recipe
Cherry Lime Rickey with Gin is tart, sweet, and kicked up with gin. A summer favorite.
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Cherry Cheesecake Bars Photo
Cherry Cheesecake Bars Recipe
Cherry Cheesecake Bars are sweet and just the dessert you crave. Make them for you next party.
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Chocolate Covered Cherry Truffles Photo
Chocolate Covered Cherry Truffles Recipe
Chocolate Covered Cherry Truffles are the perfect homemade treat to say I love you. The most thoughtful gift ever!
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Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones Photo
Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe
Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones are a delightful start to your Valentine’s Day. Sweet with a beautiful cherry glaze.
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Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles Photo
Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles Recipe
Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffles will be what draws your family to the breakfast table immediately. Cherries, chocolate, and waffles will…
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Cherry Lime Popsicles Photo
Cherry Lime Popsicles Recipe
Cherry Lime Popsicles would be a delicious and satisfying way to cool off during these hot months. Tart, sweet, and refreshing!
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Cherry Goat Cheese Crostini with Thyme and Almonds Photo
Cherry Goat Cheese Crostini with Thyme and Almonds Recipe
Cherry Goat Cheese Crostini with Thyme and Almonds is the elegant and simple dish that’ll be the highlight of any summer party.
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