7 Champagne Recipes That Will Give You a Cause to Celebrate


It doesn’t take much to enjoy a glass of champagne.

Pop the cork. Tip the bottle. And take a gulp. We’re guessing it will taste pretty darn delicious.

But if you’re interesting in taking your champagne game to an entirely new level, consider the following tasty recipes tonight…

  1. Raspberry Mango Bellini Recipe
    • Raspberry Mango Bellini Photo
    • It’s that wonderful time of year and we should all be celebrating. When I think of a holiday cocktail, I think of a Bellini. There is something special about sparkling wine and I always like to include it on my holiday cocktail menu. This raspberry mango Bellini is perfect to serve on Christmas or at your New Year’s …
  2. Champagne Jello Shots Recipe
    • Champagne Jello Shots Photo
    • Champagne Jello shots are a deliciously fun way to celebrate special occasions! They’re also super festive and really simple to make, too. This champagne Jello shots recipe is perfect for everything from New Year’s Eve to game day parties to Academy Awards watch parties. I mean, think about it –  was there ever a more …
  3. Cranberry Aquavit Cocktail Recipe
    • Cranberry Aquavit Cocktail Photo
    • We’ve been easing into winter here. The El Niño winds have brought a warmer sort of air than we are used to, and after two winters of being knocked to the ground – literally slipping and crashing as the earth froze underneath our feet in minutes – I’m kind of enjoying this slow approach to chilly winds …
  4. Green Tea Cocktail Recipe
    • Green Tea Cocktail Photo
    • I can’t believe how quickly the holidays seemed to approach this year! 2015 just flew by and already it is time to think about Christmas baking and holiday entertaining. Of course, holiday entertaining isn’t complete without a fun drink to share with friends and family. Holiday entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it is as simple as having …
  5. Homemade Chai Concentrate Recipe
  6. Pink Champagne Cupcakes Recipe
    • Pink Champagne Cupcakes Photo
    • If we’re being honest, I am a major New Year’s Grinch. I’m always bummed about packing up the Christmas decorations and un-decorating the tree. The holiday season is like a drug with its cozy cinnamon scents, crackling fires, holiday carols and treats at every turn. Then Christmas is over and it’s like they expect you …
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