7 Inspired Pizza Recipes You Have to Try


You’d be hard pressed to find a kid (or an adult for that matter) that doesn’t love pizza. Spoiler: It’s me. I’m the kid who loves pizza.

While we grew up on delicious New York take-out pizza, as an adult I’ve grown to love playing with homemade pizza recipes at home, too.

(Though don’t get me wrong, my favorite pizza will always be a molten slice of perfectly thin crust, New York style pizza from my favorite local pizza shop.)

The kids love helping roll out the dough and experimenting with topping combinations, each crafting their own ideal form of pizza perfection.

Sometimes the best pizza is a classic, traditional pizza. Sometimes the best pizza is a quesadilla or even…toast. Yes. Toast.

Don’t believe me? Give these 7 inspired pizza recipes a gander. You might just be surprised to find you have a new favorite pizza recipe!

  1. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe
    • Buffalo Chicken Pizza Photo
    • Why go out for pizza and wings when you can have both in one?! Our blockbuster Buffalo chicken pizza recipe is drizzled with a blue cheese avocado dipping sauce that elevates the whole scene. We love making this pizza for family pizza night, but it’s also a hit at parties because chicken wings and pizza are never not a hit – even more so when the wings are on the pizza!
  2. Pesto Chicken Pizza Rolls Recipe
    • Pesto Chicken Pizza Rolls Photo
    • Decidedly not your traditional pizza, these pesto chicken pizza rolls are a huge win with the whole family. The best part is how simple they are to make! (In addition to how delicious they happen to be.) In about an hour and a half you can have hot, fresh pizza rolls coming out of the oven that give you satisfying homemade pizza flavor.
  3. Tex-Mex Pizza Recipe
    • Tex-Mex Pizza Photo
    • We absolutely love Tex Mex food so obviously Tex Mex pizza is a thing we had to make happen – and so should you! Your favorite pizza dough is topped with sharp cheddar cheese, corn, jalapeño, red onion, bell pepper and bacon then paired with a simple homemade chipotle dressing. This may just become your favorite pizza yet.
  4. Hailey Bieber’s Pizza Toast Recipe
    • Hailey Bieber's Pizza Toast Recipe Photo
    • Pizza toast. Yes! It’s a real thing and it’s also really really tasty. A trending food craze of late, Hailey Bieber’s pizza toast recipe will go the distance far beyond any trend cycle. Ready in about 20 minutes, this pizza variation boasts crispy sourdough bread layered with marinara, burrata and slices of beefsteak tomato all sprinkled with red pepper flakes. You have to try it!
  5. Low Carb Pizza Meal Prep Bowls Recipe
    • Low Carb Pizza Meal Prep Bowls Photo
    • If you prefer to eat low carb or if you’re gluten-free (or maybe you just want an easy meal prep solution) these flavor-packed pizza bowls will check the boxes for you! Made with pepperoni, ham, sausage, green bell peppers and black olives, you can whip these up at the beginning of the week for easy lunches on the go or for simple weeknight dinners.
  6. Pizza Quesadilla Recipe
    • Pizza Quesadilla Photo
    • I am going on record to declare these pizza quesadillas the easiest of easy weeknight dinner recipes. Turn your favorite pizza flavors into a quick and simple dinner that everyone will love by making it in quesadilla form! Genius. The best part is how easily you can switch up the flavors and fillings for each member of the family. Dinner has never been tastier.
  7. Grilled Lemon Kale Ricotta Flatbread Recipe
    • Grilled Lemon Kale Ricotta Flatbread Photo
    • You can give me any pizza with dollops of fresh ricotta on it and I’m going to be a very happy camper indeed. I’m also very partial to grilled pizzas which give you a super crispy crust with just a tiny bit of char. This grilled lemon kale ricotta flatbread pizza is bright and fresh, bringing a decidedly summery twist to everyone’s favorite dinner.

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