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7 Perfect Pie Recipes for a Slice of Happiness

Let’s face it — Thanksgiving means pie. And lots of it! Every year I attend a very large family Thanksgiving potluck, and the dessert table is the MOST frequented spot in the room. The reason? It’s loaded with pies! Pies are such a special dessert – they’re homey and comforting and so rarely served the rest of the year. There’s just something about a pie that seems very special, isn’t there?

I love traditional pumpkin pie like everyone else, but pumpkin doesn’t have to be the only star of the show. Most people eat SEVERAL slices of pie on (and after) Thanksgiving, and I have found that the non-traditional pies that I make are typically the most popular. Here are seven of our Food Fanatic favorites we think you should try! And while you’re at it, consider one of these pumpkin treats or these sweet potato beauties. Nothing wrong with variety when it comes to dessert, that’s for sure!