8 Perfectly Healthy Pumpkin Recipes


Let’s be honest: Slow cooker pumpkin french toast is delicious.

But it might not be the healthiest breakfast out there.

Below, however, we’ve compiled a number of pumpkin recipes that don’t just taste great. They are also great for you.


  1. Healthy Pumpkin Muffins Recipe
    • Healthy Pumpkin Muffins Photo
    • So how about healthy pumpkin muffins for breakfast? Oh, I’m not talking about muffins mearly flavored with pumpkin spice. Oh no! I mean pumpkin muffins filled with pumpkin pie filling. Double the pumpkin is a big yes in my book. When autumn comes our way, with it comes a pumpkin bonanza. I love pumpkin in …
  2. Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding Recipe
    • Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding Photo
    • I made you breakfast… or possibly a snack. It all depends on how you look at it. This pumpkin chia seed pudding is a healthy combination of Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, almond milk, pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup, and chia seeds. It’s deliciously sweet with the warmth of fall spices. Since everyone is crazy for …
  3. Pumpkin Protein Bars Recipe
    • Pumpkin Protein Bars Photo
    • You know what never ceases to amaze me? The fact that the things you think will be the least time consuming, somehow ALWAYS turn into the most time-consuming. Some examples that come to mind: 1. Watching “The Food Network.” “I’ll just watch one show and then get along with my day” 10 episodes of “Chopped” …
  4. Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread Recipe
    • Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread Photo
    • On a crisp, chilly fall day, there is nothing that compares to the sweet, cinnamon-spiced aroma of fresh pumpkin bread baking in the kitchen. Well, nothing aside from the taste of fresh homemade pumpkin bread, still warm from the oven. I love to eat (i.e. I am addicted to eating) pumpkin bread all season long as either …
  5. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins Recipe
    • Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins Photo
    • Some may say pumpkin gets too much of the spotlight this time of year. I am not one of those people. Sure, it’s true some go a little overboard, I’ll admit, I’ve even tried making pumpkin gnocchi before (they were amazing) and this ridiculous layered pumpkin cheesecake pie is on my short list. But you won’t be …
  6. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
    • Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Photo
    • Sometimes I look for excuses to eat cookies for breakfast. Okay, okay, it’s actually all the time. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve talked about cookies for breakfast with you before … *rustle rustle* Yup! Sure did right here, in my chocolate protein cookies recipe. Alaina even got in on the action too, with her apple pie …
  7. Pumpkin Quinoa Curry Recipe
    • Pumpkin Quinoa Curry Photo
    • Quinoa. Egg. Pumpkin. Coconut. CURRY. IN THE CROCK POT. Just let that sit on the tip of your tongue for a little bit. Take in the DELICIOUSNESS of the above sentence. We’re talking all-star-autumn pumpkin, creamy coconut milk, warm cinnamon, ginger and about 42 gazillion other ethnic-comfy-food spices WITH little bursts of juicy tomato. AND …
  8. Healthy Pumpkin Bread Recipe
    • Healthy Pumpkin Bread Photo
    • I have always loved everything about fall. There is cool weather, sweaters, football and hay rides. The leaves are turning colors and the season just makes me feel warm and cozy. It’s a great time of year to bake and I love that there is so many pumpkin recipes to go around. While there is nothing better than …

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