8 Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting S’More and S’More


Not a lot goes into the making of a s’more, right?

You heat up a marshmallow. You stick it between some chocolate and graham crackers and… boom! You’re all set.

This is technically true.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up on occasion. Scroll down for a look at some s’more recipes you may not previously have thought of…

  1. S’mores Cream Puffs Recipe
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    • Want to know something weird? I don’t like s’mores. Want to know something weirder? I am obsessed with anything and everything s’mores flavored (like my Chocolate S’mores Cookies and S’mores Ice Cream or the Grilled S’Mores and Indoor S’mores found here on Food Fanatic). It makes relatively no sense, I’m aware. It’s kind of like how I hate everything orange flavored, but love oranges. That …
  2. Grilled S’mores Recipe
    • Grilled S'mores Photo
    • As foodies and food bloggers, I feel like we are often striving to create amazing, over-the-top dishes. And sometimes those amazing, over-the-top dishes can take a bit of time to make. Now I really don’t mind spending time in the kitchen when I know that the time spent will pay off with a delicious meal …
  3. Indoor S’mores Recipe
    • Indoor Smores Photo
    • Oh, hi there. I don’t want to alarm anyone or anything, but I’ve gone and done something ridiculous again. I made s’mores. In the house. I did them up right, too. I roasted the marshmallows in the oven, I used a big ol’ box of Golden Grahams cereal, and I loaded them up with chocolate …
  4. Healthy S’mores Recipe
    • Healthy S'mores Photo
    • Summer to me means a whole long list of wonderful things. But the top thing on that list, you ask? It’s my yearly camping trip with my best friend! We go to the same camp site every year, spend the entire year planning out what we will eat, where we will hike, and what new …
  5. S’mores Pull Apart Bread Recipe
    • S'mores Pull Apart Bread Photo
    • Summer seems to be “s’mores season.” Sitting fireside while camping, after a backyard barbecue, it’s always a good time to enjoy s’mores. But really, who says s’mores just has to be summer food? Why should summer get to have all the fun? As summer departs, weather cools and autumn starts to slowly move in, I …
  6. S’mores Quesadilla Recipe
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    • My 6 year old has a peanut butter sandwich every single day. Some days it’s peanut butter and Nutella, some days it’s peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, and some days its peanut butter and Hershey’s spread. I am torn by her lunches. I feel guilty about this for two reasons; for one thing, I should probably strongly urge …
  7. S’mores Pie Recipe
    • S'mores Pie Photo
    • Confession time. I’ve never been super in love with chocolate. I know, I know – you’re thinking how crazy I must be. Like how can I possibly be someone who blogs about pies and sweets and doesn’t love chocolate. Well in my defense, I have met others like myself. There aren’t many of us, but we are out there lurking …
  8. S’mores Brownies Recipe
    • S'mores Brownies Photo
    • I love grilling. Like REALLY love grilling. I grill almost every day, even in winter. There’s something about it that just makes me ridiculously happy. Honestly I think grilling ranks right up there with chocolate in my book. So why not combine my two loves in one tasty recipe? It’s perfection! I’m a brownie girl through and through. …
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