9 Better For You Game Day Recipes


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The big game will soon be upon us. More than ever, this day isn’t just about football. 

It’s about food, and friends. Family, and shared memories. 


The editors of Food Fanatic are divided on how much we care about football teams and games. Some of us are in it to win it, and others are all about the food.

This particular editor? All about the food.

But, I made some resolutions this year that I’m trying very hard to stick to. Things like cutting back on meat, and choosing healthier options on the buffet table when game day rolls around.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of recipes we think you’ll love for your game days, big and small. They’re also great for an awards night party or birthday party. 

Whatever you’re celebrating, we’ve got you covered. 

Many of these recipes are perfect for a transporting (especially those deviled eggs!), making them perfect for potlucks.


  1. Hummus Veggie Bites Recipe
  2. Buffalo Wing Egg Cups Recipe
    • Buffalo Wing Egg Cups Photo
    • Buffalo wings  for you.  And buffalo wings for me. Just kidding.  None for you. All for me. By buffalo wings, I mean these cute little muffins that are packed with spicy, protein-a-licious goodness. They’re so good, this girl has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in sharing. Do you remember that time we ate buffalo chicken hash together? WELL, that …
  3. Cauliflower Tacos with Sriracha Carrot Hummus Recipe
  4. Peacamole Dip Recipe
    • Peacamole Dip Photo
    • This healthy, tasty peacamole dip is rocking my world right now. It has made afternoon snack time a breeze! My kids come home ravenous every single day. The first words I hear out of their mouths when they walk in the door is always, “I’m hungry!” So, rather than listen to them badger me for food incessantly …
  5. Deviled Eggs with Yellow Lentil Hummus Recipe
  6. Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks Recipe
    • Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks Photo
    • I am not a fan of plain celery but I eat it because it’s good for me and I feel obligated to consume some every now and again. Every other time I’ll put peanut butter in them because I looooooove peanut butter. And it makes celery bearable! If you ever get ambitious about vegetables and …
  7. Cool Ranch Popcorn Recipe
    • Cool Ranch Popcorn Photo
    • If there are two things I love, Cool Ranch Doritos and popcorn top the list. Okay, maybe not at the very very top, but under family and faith and all that good stuff, these two guys are trailing close behind. Of course these days, I try to watch what I eat (key word being try…) so I’m …
  8. Spicy Tortilla Roll Ups Recipe
    • Spicy Tortilla Roll Ups Photo
    • These spicy tortilla roll up appetizers are perfect for your next party or potluck. I made them very unintentionally but I’m so glad that I did. Actually, I was going to take the easy route and just buy some samosas. You’re probably thinking that this food blogger is a slacker right? Well, yes, sometimes I have to take …
  9. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe
    • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wings Photo
    • My husband loves wings. Nothing makes his foodie heart pitter-patter then a big plate of chicken wings. Every year I try to come up with 1-2 new recipes to fulfill his food dreams (and stomach). In an effort to simplify my life a little, I decided to try and cook wings in the slow cooker, and I kept …

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