9 Bread Recipes that are Totally Irresistible!


Bread is one of my favorite foods, and it has been for as long as I can remember.

When I was growing up, we lived less than a mile from a small-scale bread factory, and every morning as I walked to school the aroma would torture me, no matter how large of a breakfast I had already eaten.

There’s just something about bread that we find affinity with. Perhaps it is how simple the ingredients are, or perhaps it’s because bread is a staple found on the table all over the country. And let’s not forget that free bread basket at restaurants, which far too many of us fill up on before our actual orders arrive. But we just can’t help it. It’s bread.

Although when I was a child it seemed like bread only came in wheat and white, bread comes in all forms now, with plenty of variations that even include gluten free and paleo. Because really, dietary restrictions aren’t going to stand in the way of us getting bread.

We love to experiment with fillings for swirl breads, trying ancient grains and seeds mixed in, and seeing just how perfect of a loaf we can make, every single time. It doesn’t matter if we’re making a sandwich loaf, tender rolls, or chewy bagels, we love the process of getting our hands in there and making something from nothing — especially something that smells this good and goes so well with butter.

You might call us obsessed, but we just think bread is worth celebrating. Check out our favorite recipes for baking up bread.

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