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9 Eggcellent Egg Recipes

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs Photo

We love eggs in all forms. Scrambled, fried, over-easy, whipped into meringue, turned into angel food cake, added to pizza, mixed into pasta, cooked into custard… well, we could go on as long as Bubba to Forrest Gump did about shrimp. Suffice it to say, the egg is pretty remarkable.

Eggs have been back and forth on the recommended list of nutritional experts, but the way we look at it, there’s not much reason to not enjoy eggs! They’re full of healthy fats, minerals, and protein. They’re extremely economical and so easy to prepare. In fact, for many of us, eggs were the first things we learned how to cook, and I have plenty of memories of standing at the stove, scrambling bright yellow eggs into submission.

And if you’re a foodie, you can’t forget about Julia Child and her experience with eggs. Her method of making omelets, re-created so wonderfully in Julie & Julia, is a classic moment in TV cooking. I’ve never been brave enough to try flipping my omelets like that, but I do enjoy trying to make the perfect French-style omelet!

Eggs are great for dinner, too, as anyone who has devoured a plate of carbonara can attest to. After all, most handmade pastas are full of delicious eggs, and many sauces for a variety of dishes are created with eggs to make them incredibly creamy and smooth.

Don’t forget dessert! (Who could?) Eggs make cakes delightful, meringues crisp, and ice cream silky smooth. There’s also panna cotta, pudding, soufflé, custard, flan … see, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to talking about delicious dishes with eggs.

Whether you get eggs from your own backyard chickens or head to the corner store, we’ve got our favorite egg-centric recipes ready for you. Check out our slideshow!