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Best Paleo Recipes

The Paleo diet is based mainly on foods assumed to have been available to our paleolithic ancestors. While there are varying ways that people interpret that, the diet typically includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat, along with root vegetables and organ meats.

Dairy products, legumes, alcohol, coffee, grains, and sugar are all out. While you might be asking yourself, "What’s the point?!", the point is very much a healthier way of living and eating.
The Paleo diet doesn’t just focus on modern day processing of foods, but on the shift man made from hunter-gatherer to agriculture and settlement. That’s kind of a big change in the way you think about food. It means no wheat, no cheese, and certainly no sour cream. (Hard for this Texan to fathom.)
But, as our recipes prove, it also means narrowing the scope to some seriously delicious recipes. Let’s Paleo it up, friends. Healthy can definitely be delicious.