Flip Out! 9 Perfect Pancake Recipes

Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes Pic

Pancakes! Is there more glorious a word upon waking on the weekend? Or how about the realization you managed to save some and can delight in those circles of happiness on an otherwise dreary Monday? Nope, we don’t think much is better than a piping hot plate of pancakes set in front of you, especially if you’ve got the maple syrup jug at hand.

My family loves pancakes, from the grown-ups down to the little one who has just learned the art of syrup dipping. In fact, we’ve renamed Sunday to Pancake Sunday. But that doesn’t mean we only have pancakes on Sunday. Nope, we have them any darn time we please, and we don’t bother limiting ourselves to breakfast, either.

There’s a long tradition of pancakes for dinner, pancakes for dessert, and pancakes just for the sake of pancakes, and who are we to argue with that? Plus then you start to think about mixing in sliced fruit, chocolate chips, or spices, and our mouth just starts to water. Considering all the possibilities there are for pancakes (it’s not like there’s an entire restaurant chain based around them for no reason) it seems pretty unlikely we’ll ever get tired of piling those flapjacks into a staggering tower and letting the syrup soak into every last bite.

Just in case you’re unsure how to up your pancake game, we’ve got a bunch of the best pancake recipes you’ll ever see. You’ll be able to try a new one each day of the week with plenty of room for doubling up, just in case one single day won’t do ya.

When it comes to pancakes, we don’t want to have to choose when to have ’em — and you don’t have to. Here’s nine pancake recipes that are worthy of breakfast, dessert, and any meal in between.

Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes Pic

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