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Keep it Cool: 10 No-Bake Recipes to Beat the Heat

With August fast approaching, temperatures in Arkansas are rising quickly.  Factor in the humidity, and the oven is basically my mortal enemy.  Not only does it heat up the entire kitchen, but it also puts an extra strain on my budget — Summer electric bills are no joke when you are running the air conditioner 24/7!

With that being said, my kiddos and my sweet tooth don’t seem to care about my wallet OR the temperature.  We love dessert all day, all year, all the hours.  That’s why I go on the hunt for fun new no-bake recipes that we can try!

From cheesecakes, to cookies, to healthy snacks and ice cream cakes, there is a fun variety to choose from here.  Gluten free?  We’ve got you covered!  Click through for ten fun and sweet ways you can get through the Summer without turning that oven on!