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Monopoly and Moscow Mules: 7 Cocktails for Game Night

Around my house in the summer time there was no better thing to do than hang out after a full day of swimming and get full-on competitive with an old fashioned game of Aggravation.

Grandma and Grandpa got downright medieval in their quest to get all those little marbles "home", and as we got older, game night got even more fun with the addition of alcohol.

My family was always a beer and cider crew when I was younger, but now we’re very much a "whiskey and.." crowd. Be it lemonade, cola, or a little fizzy water, a good cocktail does not go amiss on game night around here. 

Food Fanatic is no stranger to a good cocktail either, so I’ve gathered seven of our favorites, perfect for your next game-night-in. Level up.