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Pantry Staples List

After a busy day at work – or perhaps even in some sort of emergency situation – having a well stocked pantry is a must and helps you quickly whip up something to eat.

This pantry staples list will ensure you have everything you need on hand at all times – so all that’s left for you is to go shopping and get everything organized.

Mushroom Pasta Photo


Here are your pantry essentials:


– Pasta and noodles 

– Boxed macaroni and cheese 

– Rice

– Whole grains (barley, quinoa, etc)

– Cornmeal, grits and polenta 

– Cereal 


Gluten Free Oatmeal Bake Picture

Dried Legumes:

– Beans


– Lentils 

– Peas

Slow Cooker Ham Soup Image


Snacking Food:

– Dried/dehydrated fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc)

Trail mix 

– Popcorn


– Cookies

– Crackers


– Nuts 

– Cereal bars 

– Chips

– Jello

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Cooking Oils:

– Olive oil

– Vegetable oil

– Coconut oil

– Sesame oil

Oil and Vinegar Dressing Image


Baking Supplies:

– Flour

– Sugar (powdered and granulated)

– Brown sugar (light and dark)

– Honey 

– Baking powder

– Baking soda

– Cornstarch

– Cream of tartar

– Yeast

– Cocoa powder 

– Vanilla essence 

– Sweetened condensed milk

– Evaporated milk

– Chocolate chips 

– Fruit pie fillings 

– Jelly

– Peanut butter (or any other nut butter you prefer)

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Orange Pic


Canned/Jarred Food:

– Fruit and veg

– Fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon, etc)

– Broth/stock (cubes or canned)

– Soups

Pasta sauces

– Tomato paste

– Tomatoes 

– Pickles 


Bucatini with Tomatoes Picture



– Salt 

– Pepper

– Ketchup

– Mayo

– Mustard

– BBQ sauce 

– Dried herbs and spices 

– Soy sauce 

– Vinegar 

How to Make Mayonnaise Image



– Coffee

– Tea

– Hot chocolate

– Juice 

– Soft drinks

– Wine and liquor 

– Beer

Now that we have drawn up this handy list you can assess what you already have and what you may need to get.

You should consider exactly what it is that you and your household prefer to eat so you can stock the essentials within each of the categories listed above.

Think about what meals you make frequently and your go-to meals on those busy nights. Then, make a list using ours as a guide to help you stock your pantry.

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Work out how much you need so you don’t under or over buy.

For example, if you use pasta sauce every night, you may want to stock at least a weeks’ worth of sauces, depending on your space available and how often you go shopping.

Many people end up buying things they don’t use or perhaps members of the family don’t really like, so they up knocking around in the back of the pantry for a long time. Avoid this by making your list ahead of time so you know exactly what it is you are buying.

You can stock up on certain types of fresh food that do not need to be refrigerated and can last for weeks. These includes potatoes, onions, garlic, apples, root vegetables, etc.

Parmesan Potatoes Picture

Keep these stored in a dry, cool place and you will always have them on hand for when you need them.