School Night Superhero: 10 Simple and Delicious Dinners


School starts in just a couple of days, which means our lazy Summer days are over. No more late night dinners around the pool — now it’s homework and early dinner so the kiddo can get a good night’s sleep.

Dinners at my house can get hectic. Not only am I helping my 4th grader with homework and Googling answers that I have NO clue about (what is this new math??), but I’m also fending off a rowdy toddler. In case you didn’t know, toddlers and dinner prep don’t mix, and my Lucy Goose is no exception. She hangs on my legs, begs for oatmeal cookies, and makes things about fourteen times more difficult than they have to be. So simple dinners are an absolute necessity through the school year!
We love comfort food, but I mix in a healthy dish here and there, too. My husband and son are picky eaters, but I can usually sneak in some greens or a veggie sandwich when they aren’t really paying attention. That’s why I LOVE these ten simple dinner recipes. There’s a little bit of everything, and it’s all simple enough to pull off on a school night. 
First week of school meal plan? Done and done. 
I hope you enjoy these ten recipes as much as we do!

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