We Tried a Ton of Super Bowl Recipes. These 19 Are the Best.


Now that the anticipation of the NFL playoffs are over and we know that the Cincinnati Bengals have bested the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime and are ready to take on the LA Rams in Super Bowl LVI, it is only appropriate that we talk about the food.

Half of us are only in it for the chicken wings, anyway, right? (Ok, ok, the chicken wings or the commercials. We get it.)

Over the years, we’ve tried a ton of Super Bowl recipes. We’d even go so far to say that we’re experts in tailgate recipes, because we know a thing or two about game day grub.

From wings to dips to taquitos and tiny chicken sliders, we’re pulling out our game day playbook to help you cook up a spread of favorites.

Whether you’re watching for the game, the commercials or the epic halftime show, these Super Bowl recipes are as satisfying as a game-winning touchdown.

  1. Guacamole Wontons Recipe
    • Guacamole Wontons Photo
    • Crispy, slightly salty wontons encase creamy guacamole in a big hug, making these guacamole wontons a true crowd pleaser. Anytime we serve these on game day they disappear from the tray. These are like your favorite restaurant appetizer – crispy, savory and delicious – only better.
  2. BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe
    • Don’t be mistaken. These are not your average BBQ chicken wings. Layers upon layers of spice, sweetness and citrus will pummel your taste buds and keep you guessing what exactly is in this tasty sauce. Lucky for you, we’ve got this epic recipe in our back pocket and we’re sharing it with you.
  3. Oven Fried Pickles Recipe
    • Oven Fried Pickles Photo
    • Served with spicy ketchup and piled up alongside a basket of wings, these oven fried pickles will make you feel like you’re sitting at your favorite pub watching the big game. Use your favorite thick dick chip pickle to easily whip up these fan-pleasing fried pickles. (Be warned – you’ll want to make a double batch!)
  4. Bean Dip Recipe
    • Bean Dip Photo
    • This slightly spicy bean dip is creamy, cheesy, and perfect for game day dipping! The best part? It takes only 5 minutes to put together before tossing it in the oven to get heated through and melty. We love it served with good tortilla chips, but it’s great with celery and carrot sticks, too.
  5. Cheesy Pulled Pork BBQ Bread Dip Recipe
    • Cheesy Pulled Pork BBQ Bread Dip Photo
    • Featuring Stubb’s famous Original Sauce with all of its incredible flavor, this meaty BBQ dip is the real deal. Shaped to look like a football, it’s impossible not to get in the tailgating spirit while watching the Super Bowl at home! Believe it or not, it takes little to no effort to pull together. Promise!
  6. Loaded Guacamole Recipe
    • Loaded Guacamole Photo
    • Think classic, chunky homemade guacamole bursting with freshness, but loaded. We’re talking crispy bacon, fresh jalapeños, tons of queso fresco, cilantro, chopped tomatoes and diced red onions. That kind of loaded. Don’t skimp on the chips! Thick, salty tortilla chips are required for scooping this epic guacamole during the game.
  7. Buffalo Broccoli and Cauliflower Bites Recipe
    • Buffalo Broccoli and Cauliflower Bites Photo
    • While we’re crazy for a good chicken wing, these crispy, spicy Buffalo broccoli and cauliflower bites are vegetarian-friendly and a favorite of veggie lovers everywhere. Breaded vegetables that are crispy outside and tender inside, spicy Buffalo sauce and a Greek yogurt blue cheese dip will make the crowd go wild.
  8. Bean and Cheese Taquitos Recipe
    • Bean and Cheese Taquitos Photo
    • These classic black bean and cheese taquitos are the perfect game day appetizer for the big game. These crispy filled tortillas are also a breeze to make! Crispy corn tortillas are filled, rolled and baked then served with salsa, guacamole, enchilada sauce and sour cream.
  9. Toaster Oven Potato Skins Recipe
    • Toaster Oven Potato Skins Photo
    • Toaster oven potato skins are crispy, cheesy bites of baked potato goodness. Think gooey cheese and endless options for toppings – and all as easily made in the toaster oven as in the conventional oven. We love them topped in shaved cheese, chopped scallions, slivers of black olive, sour cream and hot sauce.
  10. Texas Caviar Recipe
    • Texas Caviar Photo
    • Who knew the black eye peas tossed in a fresh, herb dressing could taste so good? This Texas caviar recipe is one seriously easy Super Bowl recipe, but when served with tortilla chips you’re guaranteed the bowl will be empty in no time. Add garlic, red onion and diced green chiles for one seriously awesome game day dip you’ll make over and over.
  11. Avocado Ricotta Tomato Pesto Layer Dip Recipe
    • Avocado Ricotta Tomato Pesto Layer Dip Photo
    • A seriously delicious take on classic 7-layer dip, this avocado ricotta tomato pesto layer dip is actually a 5-layer dip. It’s creamy and rich, served on top of crunchy, toasted bread. It’s a memorable game day appetizer that’s easy to make and can even be made ahead of time. That’s a win for us!
  12. Bloody Mary Chicken Wings Recipe
    • Bloody Mary Chicken Wings Photo
    • We couldn’t talk about the best Super Bowl recipes without mentioning these Bloody Mary chicken wings. They’re spicy and seriously bursting with the flavors of horseradish and sriracha – like a good Bloody Mary. They beg to be served with the best blue cheese and celery, of course.
  13. Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Empanadas Recipe
    • Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Empanadas Photo
    • Do you usually think of butternut squash when you think about the Super Bowl? Nope. Probably not. Are these butternut squash goat cheese empanadas with avocado dipping sauce worthy of your game day gathering? Absolutely. Trust us when we say that these warm, cheesy hand pies can go the distance against the toughest competition on the snack table.
  14. Instant Pot Crispy Carnitas Tostadas Recipe
    • Instant Pot Crispy Carnitas Tostadas Photo
    • These Instant Pot carnitas tostadas are crispy, crunchy fried tortillas topped with savory pork, red onion, avocado, cheese and hot sauce. The pork gets cooked up in a citrusy sauce right in the Instant Pot until it’s nice and tender. Once it’s all cooked up, you simply pile the pork on crispy golden fried corn tortillas with all the toppings. Need we say more?
  15. Smoked Chili Queso Recipe
    • Smoked Chili Queso Photo
    • This smoked chili queso is actually made on the grill in a cast iron skillet. Hold on – follow us for a minute here. This queso is smokey and creamy loaded with sautéed onions, diced jalapeño pepper and garlic. Serve it with loaded guacamole and tortilla chips for a legendary combination your friends will be talking about for many game days to come.
  16. Frito Taco Pie Recipe
    • Frito Taco Pie Photo
    • Mark our words – this Frito taco pie is going to steal the show. Yes, even from the chicken wings. It’s a simple casserole packed with ground beef, taco seasoning, green chiles, beans and cheese over a bed of crunchy Frito’s. Scoop it into a big heap and eat it with a fork or with a side of Frito’s Scoops.
  17. Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Recipe
    • Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Photo
    • For the easiest of all Super Bowl recipes, grab a rotisserie chicken and a pack of Hawaiian rolls. These pesto chicken pull apart sliders are slathered with pesto and smothered in garlic butter before baking. The leftovers make a great lunch the next day, too. (But trust us, there won’t be any leftovers.)
  18. Tex-Mex Pizza Recipe
    • Tex-Mex Pizza Photo
    • Is the Super Bowl even a thing without pizza? While we always advocate your favorite delivery pizza for the big game, we also have to give props to this Tex-Mex pizza. It’s studded with cheese, bacon, corn, onions, peppers and jalapeños for a combination of toppings that goes far beyond take out.

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