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Magimix 4200XL Food Processor Review

The Magimix 4200XL Food Processor is a workhorse in the kitchen. Its commercial grade 950W motor outperforms others on the market, and it effortlessly chops nuts and hard candies without batting an eye.  Robot-Coupe invented the food processor in France, bringing the appliance to home chefs through their Magimix arm in 1971, so it’s no wonder they know their way around the kitchen, producing a product that will get the job done time and time again.

The nesting trio of bowls makes this food processor unlike any other, allowing you to choose the bowl to fit the job. This means there’s no need to buy that mini food processor to take up extra space. Simply use the smallest 6-cup bowl for those tiny day-to-day jobs that might arise. 
If you’ve ever tried to do something slightly liquid in your food processor, you’ll know that it’s prone to leaking, the liquid substance of whatever you happen to be mixing (for me it was frozen hot chocolate base) finding its way to the opening around the blade and creating puddles. The blender mix attachment seals the food processor, turning it into an effective blender, which makes juices, smoothies, and soups all possible without the risk of spillage. 
The pieces and parts of the food processor which are removable from the base, like the blades and bowls, are all dishwasher safe, which makes clean-up quick and easy. If you find your blades are becoming dull through the several years of use you’re likely to be doing with this, they are all able to be easily sharpened with a steel, further lengthening the appliance’s life in your kitchen.
The Magimix 4200XL Food Processor by Robot-Coupe is one that I can’t imagine doing without. It’s replaced my constant need for a blender, as well as turning into a bread machine, pastry blender, and my go-to appliance for making smooth sorbet in the summer and creamy soups in the winter. This is one appliance that’s worth the investment to get a good one.
Included in the package:
  • 6-cup, 12-cup and 14-cup mixing bowls
  • 2 metal Sabatier blades
  • Dough blade
  • 2 mm and 4 mm grating discs
  • 2 mm and 4 mm slicing discs
  • Blender mix attachment
  • Egg whisk
  • Spatula
  • Blade storage container
  • Illustrated recipe book and DVD
  • Powerful, easily beats out the competition
  • Multiple bowls and blades means multiple tasks in the same session, no washing in between
  • The motor adjusts depending on the task
  • Can take on any job, tackles even difficult consistencies with ease
  • Quiet compared to other food processors
  • Stable when continuous mode is enabled 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Excellent warranty
  • This is a large machine with several parts, so storage can be a bit difficult.
  • Bowls feel thinner and less sturdy than some other brands
  • No small lid for when the feed tube is not needed
  • Grating disk has a small gap that allows food to get stuck rather than grate