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Miller Lite is Releasing Christmas Tree Keg Stands and We Can Barley Wait

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through land, the party was bumpin’ around the Christmas tree keg stand! (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Miller Lite is gifting us this holiday season with a keg stand fit for a Christmas tree – unfortunately, you’ll have to provide the tree and the keg of beer.

The stand is fully functional and can hold a slim quarter-barrel keg which holds (82) 12oz beers. Now, that’s getting into the spirit!

Miller Lite Christmas Tree Keg Stand Photo

Miller Lite Introduces Christmas Tree Keg Stand

If you want to snag a Miller Lite tree keg stand of your very own, you’ll have to keep your tree under five feet tall and under 150 pounds including your selection of seasonally appropriate lights and ornaments.

The best part is, after the little ones go to bed, the parents can snuggle around the Christmas keg and sip beers until they take a "long winter’s nap."

“Cookies and milk are so played out; beer and pretzels are definitely more my speed,” said Santa Claus when asked of his thoughts on the subject.

Miller Lite Christmas Tree Keg Stand Picture

Or in the actual words of Miller Lite, "Milk and cookies are so last year, all they really want is a keg full of beer. Give them the gift of the Miller Lite Christmas Tree Keg Stand." Don’t mind if we do, Miller Lite.

The Miller Lite tree keg stands are available November 10th at 10am ET exclusively at and will ring in at a price tag of $50.

Miller Lite Confirms the Return of Fan Favorite Beernaments

In addition to the keg stand, Miller Lite has also confirmed that they bringing back the fan favorite Beernaments which made their debut last holiday season.

What’s a Beernament you ask? Well, it’s an ornament that holds… wait for it… BEER! What more could a Miller Lite fan ask for, you ask?

Well this year, Miller has revamped the Beernaments to hold a 12 oz can rather than an 8 oz can from last year for even more sipping enjoyment.

Miller Lite Beernament Photo

Imagine coming down the stairs Christmas morning to find the tree adorned with ice cold Miller Lite Beernaments – this is the kind of Christmas we all deserve!

Beernaments retail for $19.99 for a six-pack. Meanwhile, Miller Lite’s beer-inspired knitwear, feautring new products and designs, is available now.

Remember, no matter if you’re driving or flying a sleigh, please drink responsibly and designate a sober driver or reindeer to get you home – happy holidays!