Author: Brandy O’Neill

  • Dreamfarm Teafu

    Teafu Review

    Brewing loose-leaf tea doesn’t not have be a hassle. Classic tea infusers often need to infuse and then when pulled out of the hot tea they have to rest on a plate or go into the sink. This simple design allows you to infuse your tea, squeeze out the flavor and not worry about a…

  • Dreamfarm Clongs

    12″ Clongs Review

    Tongs have always been thought of as an essential kitchen tool. For a long time it was hard to find tongs that were not metal tipped. This was great if you were cooking on stainless steel but often time scratched non-stick pans. These Dreamfarm Clongs are the perfect non-stick pan tongs. They have soft silicone…

  • Dreamfarm Scizza

    Scizza Review

    The Scizza is a 12-inch long pair of pizza scissors. However, you can also use these scissors on pastry dough (perfect for puff pastry or phyllo dough) and fabric. The flat bottom scissor design helps the Scizza to glide under food and cut food easily. The flat bottom is nylon based so you do not…