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Bartender Pours 17 Jägerbombs at Once, Shatters World Record

Prepare to have your mind blown.

And perhaps your liver blown as well, simply by watching this video.


In the footage below, German bartender Philip Traber shows off his skill, flexibility and precision when he pours a 17 Jagerbombs in one fell swoop.

Yes, 17 Jagerbombs.

Don’t worry. He didn’t go ahead and drink them all himself.

How did he pull this off?

First, he poured the shots.

Then, he knocked the last glass over, like a game of Dominoes.

talented bartender

Then, he stood back and watch as each shot fell into a glass of beer and… presto! That was it!

He set a new world record.

We don’t know what the old world record was. But hard to imagine this one ever being topped.

bartender pours

Check out the amazing footage now: