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Chucky, Killer Doll From Our Nightmares, Is Getting His Own Beer

*Trigger warning* If the serial killer doll Chucky terrified you as a child, you may want to skip this article! If you’re a fan of horror, this is right up your alley.

I don’t care how old you are nor how much of an adult you claime to be – there is absolutely nothing scarier than a little demon doll that kills for sport.

My brother terrorized me with the Chucky movies when I was a little kid and frankly, I haven’t forgiven him yet. (Who can blame me?!)

My mom even brought home a light up doll lamp, not knowing of my hidden fear of Chucky. It looked just like him. I screamed and threw it out the window.

Clearly my family hated me. I digress.

Elysian Brewing Chucky Pumpkin Beer Photo

Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer

This year for Halloween and to celebrate the second season of the Chucky television series, NBCUniversal is collaborating with Elysian Brewing to bring us a seasonal fall beer billed as being as “devious” as the doll.

The brew, Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer, is a pumpkin beer with a wheat base, cranberry juice, and notes of cinnamon and chamomile, coming in at a 5.3%ABV.

The can will be hard to miss, with Chucky’s face dead center and the doll wielding a large knife. He still has that same evil look in his eye that I remember all too well.  Because of course he does, right? *shivers*

Elysian Brewing Chucky Pumpkin Beer Image

While I’m not a Chucky fan, I do love seasonal beers. Will I run out and try to track this one in particular down? Nope. I’m still too traumatized for that!

"Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is super drinkable and light; we think that it’ll be enjoyed by a wide variety of palates. From the blood-red cranberry to the cinnamon notes, this limited-edition wit encapsulates many of the fall flavors our drinkers love," said co-founder Joe Bisacca.

I admit that Chucky’s namesake inagural brew sounds completely delicious, even if the packaging is more than a wee bit terrifying in my estimation. 

Elysian Brewing Chucky Pumpkin Beer Picture

Where to Find Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer

If you’re lucky enough to find Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer on tap, you’ll notice the tap handle is a comically large kitchen knife, the same as the knife Chucky uses to take the lives of all those poor people in the Child’s Play movies.

Fans of both pumpkin beer and/or Chucky, can go to Elysian’s website and click on the beer finder tab to locate the nearest place to find this autumn brew.

When Can You Get Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer?

For those a bit braver than myself (or who were lucky enough to not be tormented by a sibling) there is good news about Elysian’s Chucky brew!

Elysian Brewing has made Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer available now so you can get your horror on. Drink up, friends!

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