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Couple Uses Cake to Reveal Gender of Impending Triplets

You’ve probably seen a man and a woman use a cake in order to discover what the gender of their child will be, right?

Someone in the know told the baker to put blue inside if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl?

You know how this works.

But why might a couple require a triple layer cake in order to learn this same piece of information?

When that couple is expecting triplets!

cake cutting

Kyle and Heather Glover were faced with just such a situation when they went the cake route in organizing a gender reveal party.

Would they have all princesses? All cowboys? A mixture of both?

The first layer that gets cut isn’t totally clear, but we then learn it’s pink for a girl. Mom is happy.

The next layer is blue for a boy. Take a look at the expression on Dad’s face afterward.

kid cake

As for the third layer? Which gender will break the tie?

Find out below!