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Game of Thrones Cocktail Will Help You Drink Away the Offseason

The bad news: Game of Thrones Season 6 has come to an end.

The good news: we have a way for you to drink yourself into such a stupor that you’ll pass out for the next several months and wake up to Season 7.


Also: just kidding. We do not encourage binge drinking.

But the mixologist behind Cocktail Chemistry has shared an intricate recipe for a drink inspired by the epic HBO drama.

Be warned, however, that the drink requires a lot of equipment. Like, A LOT of equipment.

We’re talking an ice ball mold… a tempered glass… something sharp such as a paper clip… a long pick… high-proof alcohol, matches… and a seasoning injector or syringe.

Sounds like a science project, doesn’t it?

Probably because it basically is a science project.

In the following footage, we see this genius mixologist first freeze an ice ball mold and then remove all of the water inside of it via an injector.

From there, he pokes small holes on its sides to slide the bamboo pick through.

Wait… there’s a lot more!

Our new hero proceeds to fill the ice ball with a beverage he makes on the side, a Havana.

This is when he starts a flame at the bottom of the tempered martini glass, using the high-proof alcohol, and carefully places the ice ball over it so that it slowly and carefully melts into the glass.

Yes, it’s complicated.

It will take awhile for you to master.

But, hey, Game of Thrones Season 7 doesn’t premiere until next spring!