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Inspiring Teen Earns $290,000 By Carrying Strangers’ Groceries

The following story has nothing to do with creating healthy recipes, or even much to do with food directly on its own.

But we felt a need to pass it along.

son and mom

It centers on Chauncy Black, a 16-year old in Memphis who simply wanted to bring home some donuts for his poverty-stricken family.

So off to the supermarket he went, offering to assist patrons with their groceries, not even asking for money in return. He just wanted some donuts.

Soon enough, Black came across a shopper named Matt White.

Moved by the teenager’s tale, White shared his experience with friends on Facebook.

He referred to Black as "the most inspiring person ever" in this post, explained how the kid looked "ashamed, hungry and broken" and, of course, bought him some donuts.

But that wasn’t all he did.

FB 1

That night, White took Black on a serious shopping spree, purchasing for him groceries that ranged from essentials, such as frozen veggies and soap; to general goodies such as Cheetos and pizza.

You’ve gotta have your Cheetos and pizza.

From there, White volunteered to drive Jones home. And that’s when he witnessed the conditions of the teenager’s home life. They were no beds. There was an empty refrigerator. The child’s mother even appeared to be very ill.

Affected by this encounter, White started a Go-Fund-Me page titled "Chauncy’s Chance." And this is where it gets truly amazing:

To date, nearly $295,000 has been raised to help get Chauncy and his relatives back on their feet.

In the page’s description, White explains how Jones didn’t even have a proper ID, which was keeping him from even applying from a job.


"I’ve created this go fund me page to help Chauncy have [a] chance, It starts small. A simple act of kindness, but it can ripple out and create an ocean of prosperity in the world," White wrote on the account.

To all the people who have donated food, supplies or money, White has written a simple message:

"Thank you again for being willing to touch a life, to make a difference, to give Chauncy a chance."

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