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Irish People Eat American Burgers, Try Not to Vomit

The Irish are a simple folk.

At least when it comes to their hamburgers.

In the following video, a handful of citizens from this country try such American burgers as Meatloaf burger, Quinoa Burger, the Donut Burger and other creative creations.

How do they feel about these unusual burger recipes?

Consider the following quotes:

It’s like I’m cutting into Special K.

It’s freaking me out.

Tastes a bit like the inside of a shoe.

The more I eat it, the less it tastes bad… but I’m morally against it.

Why don’t they just call it spunk sauce?

Safe to say they aren’t huge fans, huh?

It’s hard to blame them when it comes to some of these odd burgers, many of which are native to specific cities, such as New York and New Orleans.

Ready to laugh over their disgusted reactions?

Click PLAY now: