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Man Tries, Fails to Make Pizza with a Hydraulic Press

Apparently there’s a YouTube channel called the Hydraulic Press Channel. 

We just found this out.

Now, a hydraulic press, of course, is used to destroy things. It’s not used to make things. It’s definitely not used to cook things.

But try telling that to the man behind the following video.

pizza press 2

In an attempt to create something beautiful, the guy aims below to whip up a pizza.

The operator kick off his attempt by crushing some pizza dough… and then a can of tomato sauce… and then a large chunk of ham … and finally a block of cheese.

In case this wasn’t enough of a disaster, the final touches to made the pizza were made with a flamethrower.

Yes, a flamethrower.

pizza press

What is the outcome in the end?

Find out below: