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Pizza Hut Seeks to Compete With Taco Bell With So-Called Italian Taco

News of Pizza Hut’s new Italian Taco addition to their menu raised a few eyebrows this week, but what came next was a good humored chuckle.

If you were a kid in the late 80s and 90s, you probably remember the reading program called Book It rewarding kids with free pizza at Pizza Hut restaurants.

When you hit your goal, it meant a pizza party – slamming ice cold Pepsi, smashing pizza and playing table-top video games listening to Top 40 music.

These were pinnacle moments of my childhood and I long for those simplistic days! Pizza Hut was everything to my generation for that very reason.

Pizza Hut Italian Taco Photo

What Is Pizza Hut’s Italian Taco?

Honestly, as an adult? I would fully expect the most talked about pizza in the country to be from Pizza Hut! How could there possibly be any other option?

Low and behold, none of us saw the meteoric rise of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza coming. Seriously, how could anyone see that happening?!

While both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are part of Yum! Brands, I’m willing to bet that the marketers at Pizza Hut have not been pleased over the turn of events.

Enter the Italian Taco! And with that, Pizza Hut has challenged Taco Bell with their tongue-in-cheek jab at the much loved late night munchie maker.

You see, the Italian Taco isn’t an actual taco at all, nor is it a new menu item. That’s literally the entire joke, which is pretty brilliant if you ask me.

In order to enjoy Pizza Hut’s Italian Taco, you just need to simply fold your piece of pizza in half and just like that you have a taco! It’s that easy.

Wait, Pizza Hut’s Italian Taco Isn’t Really a Taco?

When word of the Italian Taco first hit, Pizza Hut said, "Feast your eyes and mouths on a hand-tossed taco shell stuffed with a classic marinara sauce, mouthwatering melted mozzarella cheese and whichever fillings you choose from pepperoni to jalapenos."

Shortly thereafter the internet caught onto the joke when Pizza Hut admitted that the Italian Taco is simply a slice of their pizza folded in half.

As if that joke itself wasn’t enough, the 64-year-old purveyor of pizza responded with one more left hook to put this whole thing to rest.

Pizza Hut joked, "The best part? This nearly unbelievable innovation will never run out. The Italian Taco has been here and will be here forever," referencing Taco Bell’s difficulties keeping Mexican Pizza in stock

Just remember, no one out pizzas the hut!

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