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Ranch on a Branch Is the New Holiday Tradition You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nearly 20 years ago, Elf on a Shelf made its holiday season debut. Fast forward and you’d be hard pressed to find a family that hasn’t participated in the fun.

There’s even an Elf living on the International Space Station! I assure you, not one single person saw that one coming a couple of decades ago.

This year, Hidden Valley Ranch decided to get in on the joy and merriment with their own version, Ranch on a Branch, featuring a mascot named Ranchie.

No stranger to a good promotion, Hidden Valley Ranch teamed up with Truff to release a limited edition spicy black truffle ranch earlier this year.

Ranch on a Branch Photo

What Is Ranch on a Branch?

The main objective of Ranch on a Branch is to remind everyone to spread joy this holiday season and every day! It’s perfect for the ranch-loving family.

Ranchie isn’t here to tattle tale on your kids if they misbehave, because Ranchie is smart enough to know that snitches get stitches.

Ranch on a Branch is a ranch dressing bottle-shaped plushie ornament that will be available in a box set on Hidden Valley’s website including a storybook that tells the tale of Ranchie’s quest to become a real bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch.

Through this promotion, Hidden Valley is donating $30,000 to Feeding America to help provide 300,000 meals to people in need this season and beyond.

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In a statement, Deb Crandall, Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch said, "We were inspired to create Ranch on a Branch by the happiness we see Hidden Valley Ranch bring to ranch fans."

She went on to add, "This Collector’s Edition set is a perfect, and adorable, way to help put a little more joy out there this holiday season."

The objective, according to the book, is to help Ranchie become a real bottle of ranch by moving him from room to room each night. This is also meant to serve as a reminder to continue spreading happiness and joy throughout the season.

Ranch on a Branch Picture

Where to Buy Ranch on a Branch

You can purchase your own collectible Ranch on a Branch boxset ($30) directly from Hidden Valley’s website and snag other ranch inspired swag while there.

Once your family is obsessed with Ranchie, obviously you’ll need a cozy Ranch on a Branch blanket to see you through the winter, after all.

If you have teenagers, you have to keep ranch on hand for fear of revolt – at one point, we considered buying it by the barrel since they put it on everything.

After you introduce Ranchie to the mix, your family of ranch fans will love these ranch-inspired recipes:

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