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Silicon Trivet Pot Holder Review

If you’ve read my review on the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 12 Quart Stockpot, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a canning rack that will fit inside your stockpot (since most of the ones that come with graniteware canners will be too big). Instead, you can turn any stockpot into a canning pot by adding your own canning rack.

Rather than try to MacGyver a solution together that ends up being messy or frustrating, I use this simple Silicon Trivet Pot Holder as recommended to me by another canning friend. It’s floppy and foldable, and best of all, you never have to worry about rust. I find that it’s the perfect size to fit eight half-pint jars in my Cuisinart stockpot if I stretch it out just a touch – otherwise, for jars, it’s perfect as it is.

The Silicon Trivet Pot Holder is also easy to clean, and I highly recommend doing so after each use only because it tends to become cloudy from the minerals in the water. A quick soak in some hot water and something like Lemi Shine to remove minerals from hard water should have it looking like new again. I find that for the price, this is a very versatile solution for my small-batch canning rack needs.


  • Low price
  • Never have to worry about rust
  • Flexible, versatile for different sized pots


  • Will often float in the water until jars are placed on top
  • Can hold minerals from the water, causing a cloudy appearance

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