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Silpat Macaron Kit Review

The Silpat Macaron Kit is a recipe for success. This kit comes with everything you need to successfully master macaron making. Once you open the box you’ll find all the tools of the trade. A pastry brush, a thermometer, a dough scraper, a 12-inch pastry bag and two 11mm piping tips start your journey off right. This kit includes three bottles of gel food color so that you can create beautiful macarons in any shade you can imagine or combine colors to create new colors.

This Silpat Macaron Kit also comes with a little USB drive which contains recipes and instructions from Chef Fancois Payard. Nothing quite like having instruction from a world famous pastry chef. But the icing on the cake (or kit, if you will) is the macaron customized Silpat sheet.

Just like the original Silpat, this special version insures nonstick perfection making removing your delicate, cooled macaron shells an easy process that won’t result in cracked cookies. The thing that makes this Silpat unique is the circles which allow you to pipe uniform macaron circles each time. Each batch I baked on this sheet yielded consistent results in size and quality which each macaron baked to perfection.

Cleaning the Silpat macaron sheet is a breeze, all it requires is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. The pastry bag washes easily also although getting the piping tip out from inside the bag is always a messy process that I prefer to obtain from. I will likely opt for a disposable bag that I can simply cut and discard instead of having to go fishing inside a messy washable pastry bag. The dough scraper is a nice addition and made easy work of transferring my batter to the pastry bag.

Overall, I loved the Silpat Macaron Kit. This is an all-in-one kit that contains everything to start making macarons at home with successful, consistent results.


  • Unique Silpat with perfect circles for perfect macs
  • Recipes and step-by-step instruction from a master
  • Sets the user up for success by having all the tools you need to start making macarons all in this easy all-in-one kit


  • Pastry bag clean up and piping tip retrieval is a messy process.

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