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Silpat Macaron Mat Review

The Silpat Macaron Mat is an unassuming baking tool that is a surprising kitchen essential for any home baker.

You wouldn’t think a simple mat would make a difference in baking macarons at home, but after trying it just once, you will be convinced of its seemingly magical powers.

Even just taking it out of the packaging, you can immediately tell the quality is far superior compared to other silicone mats.

It’s sturdier with a unique texture that stems from the fiberglass mesh inside that promotes even baking. The even baking is incredibly important when making macarons as it helps the macaron feet to form evenly all around the cookie and evenly bakes the inside of the cookie to prevent hollows.

What I love most about the texture is that it also helps prevent the macaron batter from spreading too much during piping. ­

The perfectly spaced macaron guides are just the right size for a decent macaron, but also works for other treats like whoopie pies which is great because a smaller kitchen benefits best from tools that are multifunctional.

Perhaps the best part about the Silpat Macaron Mat is that it is so easy to clean. All you need to do is give it a quick swipe with a bit of warm soapy water, then pat dry. That’s it.

Because it is naturally nonstick, you don’t need to add anything like grease to it and any leftover food bits easily fall off. It’s the best.

Rhubarb Lemon Macarons Picture

My only concern with the Silpat Macaron Mat is the price point. While it works considerably better than other macaron mats, it can cost sometimes double other macaron mats.

I truly believe the price is worth it, but the cost can be a bit preventative for any bakers on a budget, especially considering you usually need two mats to bake a batch of macarons.

Rhubarb Lemon Macarons Pic


  • Prevents batter from spreading
  • Even baking promotes proper macaron feet and decreases chances of hollow shells
  • Easy to clean


  • The price is considerably higher than most other macaron mats

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