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Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat Review

The Silpat® Perfect Cookie mat is a premium non-stick, silicone baking mat with circles printed on it. These circles act as a guide for perfectly spaced cookies every time.

The inner circles are the guide for the size of your cookie dough balls and the outer circles represent the approximate size of your cookies once they are baked.

Using the Silpat® Perfect Cookie mat creates evenly baked and spaced cookies that slide right off the pan without using non-stick cooking spray or parchment paper.

Chocolate Mint Kiss Cookies Picture

Using a Silpat® makes cleanup a breeze because there is no need to clean the baking sheets. Simply wash the mat, allow it dry and store flat or rolled. I store mine rolled up in the packaging it came in and simply tuck it away in my cabinet.


  • easy clean up, no need to wash baking sheets
  • great guide for evenly spacing cookie dough, especially great for beginner bakers and little ones
  • cookies bake up evenly and slide right off the pan without added oil
  • great quality


  • product has to be stored flat or rolled after washing

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