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Tabitha Brown – Everyone’s Favorite TikTok Mom – Launches New Vegan Food Collection with Target

In the height of the early pandemic days of 2020, I stumbled upon Tabitha Brown’s TikTok account and it quickly became a happy place for me. 

At the time hovering around 50,000 followers, in the last few years, Tabitha’s following has soared to nearly 5 million fans on TikTok alone.

This week it was announced that the queen of cooking videos is launching her latest collection with Target featuring vegan food and kitchenwares.

Tabitha Brown Vegan Food Collection with Target Photo

Who Is Tabitha Brown?

If you aren’t yet famliar with the sensation that is Tabitha Brown, prepare to fall in love. She’s everyone’s favorite TikTok mom for good reason.

Brown first rose to online popularity in December 2017 when the then Uber driver stopped at Whole Foods and filmed her reaction to one of their vegan sandwiches that ultimately went viral on Facebook.

Having just transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle for health reasons that same year, her enthusiastic review gained her thousands of fans out of the gate.

From there, Tabitha Brown gained a repuation as a vegan home cook with a bubbly personality, making vegan food appealing and accesible to the masses. 

By the time 2020 rolled around, Brown was primed and ready for fame when she began posting a mix of inspirational videos and cooking tutorials on TikTok. 

Tabitha Brown x Target Photo

Tabitha Brown and Target Team Up

Unsurprinsngly, her charm and upbeat personality meant that Tabitha Brown quickly rose to TikTok fame, becoming a true internet star in short order.

Brands began lining up to work with her resulting in everything from spice blends to cook book deals to a capsule collection with Target in 2022.

Boasting bright colorful patterns and designs the original collection focused on punchy clothing and accessories with a resort vibe that sold out quickly.

A follow up collection was also met with rave reviews and incredible response from consumers, making it no surprise the partnership would continue.

Tabitha Brown x Target Picture

Tabitha Brown x Target Vegan Food and Kitchen Collection

This week the latest Tabitha Brown x Target collection was announced, boasting a unique, one of a kind vegan food and kitchen collection like no other.

In addition to colorful kitchenwares and cookware, the collection notably features 34 vegan food items, each ringing in at under $8.

The affordable assortment includes everything from vegan meat alternatives to pastas, soups and even a big bag of vegan dill pickle popcorn.

In all the collection numbers nearly 100 items including cute serving pieces, storage containers, and even cookware like a boldly colored cast iron skillet.

Staying on brand and in character, fans will love that few of Tabitha’s most popular motivational phrases are featured throughout the collection.

Other items sure to be popular include a cutting board, cute towels, colorful table linens and oven mitts, avocado-shaped dip bowls and a pair of salt and pepper shakers designed to resemble the Brown family dog, Blacky, who frequently appears in Brown’s videos.

Tabitha Brown x Target Image

When Is Tabitha Brown’s Vegan Food Available?

To kick off the new year, Brown’s vegan food will be available alongside the rest of the collection beginning January 8, 2023 at Target stores and online.

Likely to be a limited collection, at least to launch, be sure to run on out and check it out when it drops! It’s sure to be, in Tab’s words, "very good" indeed.

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