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This Is the Best Apple Peeler Money Can Buy

If you love apples and you love baking, like I do, you need to get your hands on what I am confident in declaring the best apple peeler money can buy.

With apple season soon to be knocking on the door, the stainless steel Johnny Apple Peeler is a must-have in your kitchen for all that peeling and baking.

The perfect combination of simplicity, price and ease of use, if you’re a serious baker (or just a serious apple lover) add this peeler to your cart.

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Why I Love the Johnny Apple Peeler

It’s no secret that one of our favorite family activities is apple picking, and we intentionally end up with tons of apples because we enjoy them in every form.

Fresh, ripe apples make an easy, delicious snack and we enjoy eating them as-is on a daily basis in addition to preparing them in a multitude of other ways.

Cut up and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, dipped into creamy peanut butter or caramel sauce, we regularly eat apples raw with the skin still intact.

However, apple season is also when my children and I look forward to making some of our very favorite family dessert recipes – all loaded with apples!

My absolute favorite is apple crisp, which I always make in a double batch because it’s gone before you know it and I definitely want two helpings.

Gluten Free Apple Crisp Image

My least favorite part of the process is probably your least favorite part of cooking and baking with apples, too – peeling all of the apples you picked!

Not only is it boring and tedious to peel a large amount of apples, but ever since I was diagnosed with Lyme, my joints just can’t take all the extra work.

Peeling apples is a time-consuming part of the process that you would love to skip, and I’ve found the perfect solution that actually makes it fun!

This stainless steel hand crank apple corer and peeler. It is hands down the best apple peeler money can buy in my very humble opinion – trust me.

It makes the task at hand so much simpler, more efficient and more enjoyable. Ringing in right around $25, it is worth every single penny and then some.

Johnny Apple Peeler and Corer Photo

Features of the Johnny Apple Peeler

Constructed of heavy duty cast iron with a smooth wooden handle on the crank, the Johnny Apple Peeler has beautiful, traditional styling.

While there are similar apple peeler variations on the market, this one if my personal favorite for a few key reasons.

  • Easy – The Johnny Apple Peeler makes it quick and easy to peel, core and slice apples of any variety, which is the key to making the fastest apple pie or crisp! Plus, you can even use it with some other fruits and veggies like pears and potatoes.
  • Adjustable –  The Johnny Apple Peeler is easy to adjust! The coring/slicing blade can be removed and the peeling blade can be adjusted for a thick or thin peel to suit your baking and snacking needs.
  • Durable – Constrcuted with a heavy duty cast iron body and fully stainless steel blades, the Johnny Apple Peeler is incredibly durable.
  • Stable – The strong and secure clamp base helps keeps the peeler securely in place on the edge of any table or countertop up to 1-5/8” thick
  • Warranty – The Johnny Apple Peeler is backed by a five year warranty so you can feel confident in the quality. 
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How To Use the Johnny Apple Peeler

  1. Wash and dry your apples. You want to make sure to thoroughly clean all apples before peeling, because the residue and dirt on the skin can still transfer to the peeled apple.
  2. Pull back the lever at the top of the machine that holds the corer in place, and pull back on the handle until it stops. At that point, let go of the lever.
  3. Push either the top or bottom of your apple onto the metal prongs until it is firmly in place, wiggling the apple slightly to make sure that it is secure.
  4. Turn the crank so the apple moves forward toward the peeler.
  5. Continue to turn in a smooth motion while the peeler cores, cuts, and peels your apple.
  6. Remove all apple peels from the base of the machine and wipe away any excess juice from your work surface.
  7. Pull the apple off the corer and place into a bowl, or onto a cutting board to cut in half. The apple is spiral cut at this point, so one simple slice down the center will cut it into multiple, uniform, thin slices that are perfect for baking.
  8. Pull the core off the prongs and toss or compost it. You can also feed it to appropriate pets – I have rabbits, and they love apple peeling time!
  9. Repeat the steps by releasing the lever to pull back the handle and peel, cut, and core your next apple!

If this process sounds simple, it’s because it truly is that simple! It’s the easiest, most stress-free way to prepare apples for baking that I’ve ever seen.

Instant Pot Applesauce Picture

Johnny Apple Peeler – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the mount ruin my counter or table? I have been using this for several years, and the clamp has not ruined the edge of my countertops or any tables. I have used this in two different homes, on several surfaces, without causing damage. If you’re concerned, place a thin towel or wash cloth between the peeler and your surface.
  • How do you clean the Johnny Apple Peeler? Simply wiping it down in hot, soapy water and drying it is plenty. If you wash it right after use, the juice doesn’t dry or become sticky and nothing more is needed.
  • Can anyone use this? I have joint issues from chronic illness and young children that love to help bake and we have no issues using this product as a family. It is simple to install and uninstall, and even easier to use.

My final verdict? This is a truly excellent product for any home whether you do a lot of baking or hardly any at all – especially considering the price!

Crockpot Apple Cobbler Picture

The Johnny Apple Peeler Makes a Unique Gift

This apple peeler makes a great wedding or housewarming gift, as it’s very unlikely any other guest will think to purchase it! 

It’s also a perfect birthday present for someone in your life that’s hard to shop for but loves working in the kitchen or has a true love of apple pie. 

The Johnny Apple Peeler is the perfect present for a daycare or preschool where caregivers regularly cut and peel apples for small children.

People who enjoy baking but struggle with arthritis or autoimmune illnesses, can now peel apples with minimal effort when gifted this apple peeler.

Crockpot Apple Cobbler Pic

Our Favorite Apple Recipes

Now that you won’t spend extra hours in the kitchen peeling apples, you’ll find you’re much more inspired to bake with apples – trust me on this one.

Some of our favorite apple recipes to try with your freshly peeled apples include our copycat Betty Crocker apple pie – a classic, old-fashioned apple pie.

Keep it simple by using your slow cooker to make this Crockpot apple cobbler recipe or give our equally easy Instant Pot applesauce recipe a whirl. 

Enjoy apple crisp any time of the year, now that you can easily peel your apples with our gluten free apple crisp recipe. It’s one of my favorites!

Caramel Apple Cupcakes Picture

A delicious spin on cinnamon rolls, these apple cinnamon rolls made with chunks of fresh apple are perfect for breakfast, brunch or even dessert.

Deliciously familiar but pleasantly unexpected, these caramel apple cupcakes are a real treat! Lovers of all things apple will double down on these.

Have you had apple pizza? This dessert pizza combines fresh apples with cream cheese, caramel sauce,and nuts for a dessert your family will love.

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