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Olive Oil Sprayer Review

The Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer is a wonderful invention. It’s easy to set up; all you do is unscrew the top and fill it with your favorite oil. Mine is filled with extra virgin olive oil. Then you it a few pumps and spray onto whatever you want. It sprays for about 6-10 seconds before you need to pump again. I frequently use this for dressing salads (spray directly on your salad with a squeeze of fresh lemon), but I also use it for sautéed vegetables or to spray olive oil on pita triangles to make quick baked chips. I’ve also used it to spray olive oil on a skewer of vegetables prior to grilling. The possibilities are endless.

Another great thing about the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer is that it is attractive enough to leave sitting on your table or counter. You’ll find yourself reaching for this more often that the bottle of olive oil and in doing so, you’ll be saving calories. So you can have more dessert.

It does leak a little bit if it is shaken or turned on its side. However, clean up is easy, you can just wipe it with a hot soapy cloth or sponge.

The only question that remains is why have I not used this on popcorn?


  • Ideal tool to get the flavor of olive oil on your food without worrying about pouring too much on.
  • Great for salads.
  • You can fill it with your favorite oil.


  • Sometimes gets greasy on the outside but can easily be wiped clean.
  • Isn’t always a fine mist spray.