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Pretzel Rolls: Actually Coming to Subway?!?

Are you still processing the fact that Rose Gummy Bears are now an actual food item you can rush our and purchase?

If so, hurry up and try to get over it.

Because we’re about to blow your mind once again.

pretzel bread

Subway may soon add pretzel buns to their bread selections across the country.

To dateo far, these items have only been spotted at locations in Pennsylvania, Brand Eating reports, with a local mustard brand, Herlocher’s, on offer as well.

The shape of these bread types is a major departure from the signature oblong footlong bread for which the chain is known.

Morever, the sandwiches contain 50% percent more meat when compared to Subway’s standard six-inch sub.

More pretzel flavor AND more meat? Sign us up, Subway!

pretzel bread

At the moment, there are two varieties of Artisan Pretzel Roll Sandwiches being offered:

TheHam Pretzel Melt and the Turkey Pretzel Melt. As is always the, you can pick your choice of cheese and veggies to go along with these sandwiches.

We don’t think the offerings are gluten-free.

But those looking to make gluten-free pretzel bread need only to click below:

pretzel bread