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Hello Food Fanatics. I’m here with a fabulous chocolate recipe for you. It’s super easy and you can make it without turning on your oven. That’s great news for anyone trying to beat the heat right now. 

I think the only downside to summer is not wanting to turn on the oven. It’s just too hot most days. I love summer, and really enjoy spending a ton of time outside gardening, or at the barn with the horse. 

Once I’m inside the house and out of the sweltering heat, I rarely want to turn my oven on. It just makes the house unbearable. Our house is brick and retains heat like crazy. So once that temperature rises it’s hard to get it back down. 

No matter how hot it is I still crave candy and chocolate. So I’m always thinking of ways to get my chocolate fix without heating up the house. I still want to eat sweets and feel like I’m baking, but without heating up the house in the process. 

So I’ve taken to using my microwave for some quick no bake treats. That way I have a happy tummy and my house stays cool. I’m not someone who uses the microwave much. Even when I melt chocolate I tend to do it on the stove. Right now that’s just not an option.

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That’s where my trusty microwave comes in handy. It’s no longer a “storage area”, and actually becomes useful. Does anyone else use their microwave for storage? Or am I the only crazy one here? I stuff bread in there at times, or baked goods I don’t want the kids to touch until I photograph them. It’s become a bit of a “holding area” for my blog. My family now asks if it’s okay to take things out of it. I know, I know, it’s weird. Such is life with food bloggers. 

Anyhow, long story getting longer, in summer months all bets are off. The microwave becomes useful for more than just storage and becomes a very important piece of equipment. And by important I mean I basically use it for melting chocolate. As much as humanly possible. 

If you’re like me you have favourite chocolate bars you can buy in the store. I am a Crunch fanatic. Do you have them where you live? It’s chocolate with rice crisps in it. It just happens to be one of my favourite candy bars. I crave them often. 

So when I get a craving for them and can’t make a trip to the store I just make my own version of them. I tend to load mine with Rice Krispies, so if you like yours with less feel free to dial back the amount of Krispies in the recipe. I am all for customizing for your own taste. 

This is super easy to make. You can use mini muffin pan to make them into little cups of deliciousness, or you can spread the mixture out and make them look like chocolate bars, or you can drop them randomly on cookie sheets just like any drop cookie. You do whatever works for you.

I was in a hurry when I made this batch so I used a mini muffin pan. I whipped up these crunch bites and some chocolate fruit and nut clusters to take on a trip to see my daughter. Needless to say after the 6-hour drive there were none left by the time we arrived at our location. Oops, my bad. 

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You can use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or any combination that appeals to you. I like milk chocolate the best for these. I also really recommend keeping them cold. They just taste better that way in my humble opinion.

You can also toss in some coconut if you like for a nice little surprise. Really good with coconut in them. Trust me. 

I hope you get a chance to make these. They make great nibbles for parties. I make them quite often around the holidays too. They make great gifts for teachers, family or friends, and look smashing on cookie trays. So bookmark them for Christmas. 

One little tip: make extra. These suckers disappear at an alarming rate. So always make way more than you think you need. Hope you love them. 

Chocolate Crunch Bites Photo

Chocolate Crunch Bites Recipe

Kim Beaulieu
Chocolate Crunch Bites are a wonderful bite of crunch in your mouth. Sweet and wonderful.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Resting 1 minute
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 18 1 chocolate
Calories 16.39 kcal


  • 1 Butter
  • 8 Milk Chocolate Good quality, broken into tiny pieces or shaved
  • 1 Rice Krispies


  • Spray a mini muffin pan with non-stick spray. Set aside. 
  • Melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Stir every 30 seconds for the first minute, then every 15 seconds for the rest of the time. Every microwave is vastly different so you may need to adjust the time. Mine took 1 1/2 minutes to melt. Stir the mixture until smooth if any pieces of chocolate remain. 
  • Stir in Rice Krispies and mix until combined. Spoon into mini muffin pan. Pop the pans in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set up. About an hour is perfect. 
  • Once they are set you can just pop them out with a spoon if needed. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They keep for about a week but I guarantee they won’t last that long. 
  • Enjoy with a big old chocolate-loving smile!


Calories: 16.39kcalCarbohydrates: 2.56gProtein: 0.5gFat: 0.17gSaturated Fat: 0.11gSodium: 13.72mgSugar: 1.44g
Keyword Chocolate, Desserts, Easy, Family Meals and Snacks, No Bake, Rice, Snacks
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